A Quest To See The 20 Most Iconic Anime Locations In Japan

When visiting Japan, it’s hard not to see the influence Anime has had on the media culture in the country. The medium is one of its most marketable and widely known forms of entertainment, and their tourism industry knows it.

Come along on the quest to see the 20 most iconic locations in Japan for anime fans, big and small. 

The rest of this article is going to delve into the best places for anime fans to flex their fandom muscles and enjoy all the fruits of the media that Japan has to offer.

1. Akihabara

Akihabara is a district of Tokyo located in central Tokyo. It is known for its electronic shops but over the years it has become the center of otaku culture.

Anime and manga shops litter the spaces between the iconic electronics shops with some maid cafes and even manga cafes sprinkled in as well. 

Akihabara is accessible on the Tokyo subway line by way of JR Yamanote Line to Akihabara Station or from Iwamotocho Station. It is advisable to wait until a weekend of your trip to go out there, preferably Sunday.

On Sunday they close off the street to car traffic so you will be able to access the shops more easily and see some cosplayers and maids out on the street as well. 

Akihabara Location Via Google Maps

2. Ikebukuro

While not as well known as Akihabara, Ikebukuro is also a center of anime culture. This section is more female-oriented with shops and manga stores geared more to women. The bookstores also have doujinshi from local artists much like that of Akihabara. 

Head down Otome Road and you will find the Swallowtail Cafe, a butler cafe. Cosplay events can happen as well close to the nine-story Animate store building. 

This smaller district also includes the Pokemon Mega Center and is accessible from many subway lines and is a main station on the JR Yamanote line. 

3. Odaiba

Odaiba is a futuristic themed district of Tokyo on a man-made island. The anime attractions in this area are the Diver City Tokyo Plaza Gundam statue and the shopping mall.

Gundam Base is the main attraction for anime fans, dedicated to selling and displaying the sell the popular buildable models. 

Odaiba Location Via Google Maps

Some notable anime and comic conventions are held in Odaiba at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) such as Comiket and Anime Japan.

Odaiba is accessible by boat via the Tokyo Water Bus, transit bus, walking across the iconic Rainbow Bridge, and many train lines including the Yurikamome elevated train. 

4. Nakano Broadway

A short walk from Nakano Station and you will be brought to Sun Mall. The mall is lined with boutiques and shops along a strip ending at the Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Broadway Location Via Google Maps

Nakano Broadway Official Website

The shops in Nakano Broadway shopping complex sell anime and idol goods.

Among the four levels of shopping at Nakano Broadway, the second and third levels are where the anime and manga shops are located. 

5. Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo

If you love Pokemon, then this place is for you! This shop sells everything from Pokemon plushes to ramen, keychains, trading cards, curry, and more.

Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo Official Website

If you can think of it, then there is a pokemon version of it in the Pokemon Mega Center Shop In Tokyo

It is located in the Ikebukuro District inside the Sunshine City Mall, south of Otome Road. 

Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo Location Via Google Maps

6. Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

This museum celebrates the creator of the well-known character Doraemon, as well as his other works throughout his career. This museum has something for everyone. 

There is a collection of Fujiko F. Fujio’s work with audio guides with some commentary on his life and the art displayed.

Fujiko F Fujio Museum Location Via Google Maps

Fujiko F Fujio Museum Official Website

The other half of the museum is more geared towards children with areas to read manga, take pictures with a statue of Doraemon, as well as short films and playrooms. 

This attraction is located in the suburbs of Kawasaki. The closest station is Noborito Station, on the Odakyu Odawara Line and JR Nambu Line.

7. Sanrio World Ginza

Sanrio World Ginza Official Website

This is the largest Sanrio store in the world and stands as the flagship Sanrio store In Japan with the largest selection of Sanrio characters merchandise.

Various items are available featuring Sanrio characters with the charm of Japanese aesthetics. 

The shop is located in the Ginza district of Tokyo.

Sanrio World Ginza Location Via Google Maps

8. Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum Location Via Google Maps

Celebrate all things Ghilbi by exploring this gorgeous museum. This museum gives guests a closer look at the process used by the studio in their animations. Special showings of films are held here and animation exhibitions.

The Ghibli Museum is located in Mitaka, just south of Mintaka Station on the Chuo Line.

Ghibli Museum Official Website

9. Dogo Onsen

Dogo Onsen Official Website

If you’ve seen Spirited Away from Studio Ghibli, then this hot spring resort will look familiar to you.

It served as the inspiration for Yubaba’s bathhouse in the film and it is a prime location for any anime fan looking for that hot spring onsen experience.

Located in Matsuyama, just east of the central part of town. 

Dogo Onsen Location Via Google Maps

10. Nijigen No Mori (Awaji Island Anime Park)

This anime theme park in Hyogo, Japan has sections dedicated to Naturo, Godzilla, and Shin-Chan to name a few. The Naturo section was added in 2019 and the Godzilla portion is the newest. All the sections have their own attractions for each fan. 

Nijigen No Mori Via Tripadvisor

You can get there by train by taking the JR from Akashi Station to Akashi Port Station. It is also accessible by plane, boat, and bus.

11. Kyoto Internationl Manga Museum

One of the museum’s main attractions is browsing the massive library of manga available for reading. This museum also delves into the history of manga and even its development.

Kyoto International Manga Museum Official Website

Exhibitions are held about notable manga artists as well as workshops and seminars about manga and its creation. 

Kyoto International Manga Museum Location Via Google Maps

This museum is located a short walk from Karasuma-Oike Subway Station in Kyoto.

12. Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library Of Manga And Subcultures

Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library

Nestled in Tokyo’s Meiji University, the Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library Of Manga And Subcultures focuses on manga’s history.

Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library Location Via Google Maps

The vast manga collection that Yoshihiro Yonezawa owned is featured in this library. He was known for buying so much manga that he kept needing to move to accommodate for his new additions to his collection. 

13. Suginami Animation Museum

Suginami Animation Museum Official Website

Before Akihabara, the Suginami Animation Museum was the center of otaku culture. With exhibits on animation, the future of anime, and dubbing are held. Other various activities are available to learn about the medium.

Suginami Ward is just west of Shinjuku and next to Nakano and it is home to 138 anime studios. It was founded by the ward to recognize the anime community in the area.

Suginami Animation Museum Location Via Google Maps

14. Washinomiya Shrine

Washinomiya Shrine Official Website

In the Saitama Prefecture, sits Washinomiya Shrine. If you are a fan of the show Lucky Star this location could be familiar to you. The two sisters in the anime, Tsukasa and Kagami are shrine maidens for this shrine in the show. 

Due to the show’s popularity, the shrine has become a hotspot for otaku and fans of anime. It’s a great spot to spend New Year and leave your wishes for the new year at the shrine and buy some otaku merch while you’re there.

Washinomiya Shrine Location Via Google Maps

15. Tokyo Character Street

Tokyo Character Street Official Website

Another hotspot for anime shopping, this mall is located in the underground area of Tokyo Station.

It houses many character-themed shops such as Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and Lego just to name a few. 

Tokyo Character Street Location Via Google Maps

16. Aoba Castle Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle Ruins)

Aoba Castle Official Website

This castle is a major historical landmark that was used for administrative and ceremonial purposes rather than for the military. 

Castle Ruins Location Via Google Maps

It has featured very prominently in many shounen anime, therefore, making it appealing for anime fans that recognize it. The castle is located in the Sendai Prefecture. The location is 20 minutes from Sendai Station by bus.

17. Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

This museum chronicles the works and life of the most influential manga artist of the genre, Tezuka Osamu, the creator of “Astro Boy. Takarazuka City is where he spent most of his childhood and is where this museum is located. 

Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum Official Website

The museum chronicles his life and his manga where fans can even see early sketches of some of his early works such as “Jungle Emperor Leo”.

Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum Location Via Google Maps

18. The Mizuki Shigeru Road

Mizuki Shigeru Road Official Website

In Sakaiminato, close to Sakaiminato Station, the hometown of Mizuki Shigeru commemorates his famous yokai series “GeGeGe no Kitaro” in this street-length museum and treasure hunt.

The yokai characters he brought to life are sprinkled around the area and are used in a fun type of scavenger hunt. 

Mizuki Shigeru Road Location Via Google Maps

19. Toei Animation Museum

Toei Animation Museum Official Website

Toei is one of the biggest anime studios in the industry. Located on the grounds of the studio in Oizumi, Nerima City, this museum has an interactive aspect where guests can search for their favorite shows.

It also features production materials in permanent exhibitions. 

Toe Animation Museum Location Via Google Maps

20. Toyosato Elementary School

Toyosato Elementary School Official Website

Fans of the anime “K-On” will know this school’s facade well. The main appeal of this school is the use of it in the show as the inspiration for the anime.

Toyosato Elementary School Location Via Google Maps

Cosplay photoshoots are done frequently here and fans come every year to celebrate the character’s birthdays. 

Anime Attractions In Tokyo

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