Ginza Tokyo’s Elite Shopping Neighborhood

Ginza is a one-stop shopping neighborhood in Japan. It has everything you could want, from high-quality fashion boutiques to electronics stores or even restaurants that are a level above. The area also offers fascinating sights, such as the famous Meiji Shrine, attracting over 3 million visitors each year and its beautiful gardens.

There are plenty of museums like the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, where you can find world-class art pieces within their collection. You will not be disappointed if you visit each one, because it really does have something for every type of palate and style. However, when it comes to shopping Ginza is ground zero for luxury brands.

Some of the most exclusive stores in Japan are located in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district and visiting them is an adventure in itself. Ginza being close to Tokyo station makes it even easier to visit this area and make a single day of exploring it all.

Ginza Wako

Launched in 1932, Ginza Wako is an upscale department store with branches all across Japan. Its main target audience consists of women who buy luxury items, including cosmetics, clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. However, men do shop here also since they offer products suitable for both.

Ginza Wako Department Store

They carry brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, Burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Armani Exchange, Dolce&Gabanna, Yves Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Bulgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Moschino, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG Australia, Vero Moda, Zegna, and more.

This location is perfect for those looking for high-end premium goods. If you’re into designer labels, then this is your best bet. In addition, there are several other locations throughout Japan.

Ginza Six

Established on 20 April 2017, Ginza Six is another popular department store located right next door to Ginza Wako.

Like its sister store, it sells only high-end merchandise. Brands sold include Coach, Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Givenchy, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Mulberry, Oscar de la Renta, Paul Smith, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Rodarte, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, and others.

As expected, most of these brands are exclusive to this store. The store has item-specific contracts with manufacturers, for example, you cannot get a special pair of sneakers made by Nike anywhere else but here. Also, don’t expect to see bargains here. Instead, look forward to finding unique designs and styles.

If you’re interested in buying inexpensive clothes, then this is definitely the spot for you. Not only do they carry high-end designers’ collections, but they also provide free shipping worldwide. Moreover, customers receive discounts when purchasing multiple items. Finally, they accept major credit cards, and chargebacks are accepted.

Ginza Six Official Site

Ginza Mitsukoshi

Founded in 1930, Ginza Mitsukoshi is a traditional Japanese department store selling mainly apparel, footwear, home furnishings, food, stationery, toys, gifts, beauty care, electronic devices, household appliances, and much more.

With about 2,000 employees working hard behind the scenes, this store carries thousands of different brand names. Some well-known ones include Uniqlo, Gap Inc., H&M, Levi’s, Mango, Muji, Natori, New Balance, Polo Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Starbucks Coffee Company, Timberland, Under Armour, Victoria Secret.

To help shoppers navigate through the huge selection of products available, they organize sales frequently. These events usually last for two weeks and feature special prices on selected categories.

They offer up to 70% off on select items such as fashion dresses, swimwear, activewear, casual shirts, jeans, outerwear, handbags, luggage, watches, sunglasses, sportswear, and many more.

There are so many reasons why people love visiting this store. First, it has one of the largest affordable yet fashionable clothing selections that can be found in the Ginza area. Second, their customer service is excellent.

Third, they have a wide variety of sizes ranging from petite to plus size. Fourth, they always have something new to show us. Lastly, they will gladly assist you if you need some assistance while browsing or trying on clothes.

Ginza Mitsukoshi Official Site

Matsuya Ginza

This is the first-ever department store in Ginza. It contains mostly premium fashion, beauty, and homeware goods. There’s also an incredible two-level food hall in the lower levels.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Matsuya Ginza is sushi. This is because this department store specializes in upscale foods and seafood dishes like sashimi, nigiri, maki rolls, tempura, udon noodles, yakitori, kushiyo, and yakisoba.

However, they also sell non-seafood options, including beef, pork, vegetables, salads, desserts, coffee drinks, tea beverages, beer, sake, wine, shochu, and other alcoholic beverages.

In addition to being an upscale department store chain with over 1,200 stores across Japan, they also operate several restaurants under their own name. The flagship location at Shibuya Crossing serves both lunch and dinner menus daily except Sunday.

It offers a large range of fresh fish and shellfish along with seasonal specials. Their menu includes appetizers, soups, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and even cocktails. If you want to try out their signature dish, the “Sushi no Mi,” which consists of salmon roe wrapped around tuna belly served with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, and green onion.

You’ll find them open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. There are plenty of cooked meals to choose from for those who prefer not to eat sushi.

There are three types of Bentos offered by the counter staff – vegetarian, meat, and mixed. Each box contains rice, miso soup, salad, pickles, seaweed snacks, fruit, bread, cookies, cakes, ice cream, yogurt, juice, hot water, and coffee.

If you’re looking for great quality sushi without breaking your budget, then look no further than Matsuya Ginza. Not only do they serve delicious food, but they also provide high-quality ingredients. Most importantly, they don’t skimp on portions either.

Unlike most places where you get small servings of everything, here you receive generous amounts of each item. Another reason why we recommend this establishment is its convenient location. Whether you live near Tokyo Station or Shinagawa, you won’t have any trouble finding this spot. Also, unlike most sushi bars, they accept reservations online.

So whether you plan to dine early or late, you can easily make arrangements beforehand. Finally, they offer free delivery within certain areas. That means you can order ahead and enjoy your meal right away.

Matsuya Ginza Official Site

Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Launched in 2016, Tokyu Plaza Ginza is located inside the famous department store, Tokyu Hands. They specialize in Japanese fashion apparel such as men’s suits, women’s dresses, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, home goods, stationery, gifts, and more.

With over 2 million square feet of retail space, this is definitely one of the biggest malls in all of Japan. As mentioned earlier, Tokyu Hands is known for selling unique items that aren’t available elsewhere in Japan. Therefore, it makes sense that they would expand into another area of business.

And since they already had experience operating a mall, they knew exactly what kind of products people wanted. So if you’re looking for something specific, be sure to check out their website before visiting, so you know what to expect.


Tokyu Plaza Ginza has two floors dedicated to clothing. On the upper floor, you will find brands like Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, Bershka, Topshop, Miss Sixty, Ganni, and many others.

While the lower level houses brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, VANS, Timberland, and much more.

Both levels feature different styles of clothes ranging from casual wear to formal attire. But regardless of how you dress up, you will always feel comfortable while walking through these halls.

Hakuhinkan TOY PARK

Hakuhinkan Toy Park opened back in 1982. this toy store features various exhibits showcasing classic toys from throughout history. You will surely find something interesting in the collection, from mechanical dolls to action figures, stuffed animals, puzzles, board games, model kits, and more.

This store is a toy lover’s fantasy, with four levels of toys. Its large selection of toys and quirky items makes it ideal for buying entertaining souvenirs for the whole family.

Some of the highlights include a display featuring Disney characters dressed up as Hello Kitty, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and more. There are even some rare collectibles, including an original copy of The Lion King movie poster signed by Timon & Pumbaa.

This location offers plenty of parking spaces which is ideal for visitors who arrive via car. Plus, there are several restaurants nearby offering both indoor and outdoor seating options.

This includes fast-food chains like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, etc., along with other eateries serving traditional Japanese dishes. In addition, there are convenience stores, pharmacies, banks, ATMs, post offices, bookstores, and more. All of them are conveniently located around the corner.

Hakuhinkan Toy Park Official Site

Onitsuka Tiger Ginza

Opened in February 2018, Onitsuka Tiger Ginza is a new concept shop specializing in streetwear. Featuring exclusive designs created exclusively for the store, each piece comes with its own tagline describing why it was chosen. For example, “The One That Makes Me Feel Like I’m Walking on Air” or “A Piece Of My Soul.”

Each item also comes with a limited edition box containing a special gift card. These cards can only be purchased here. However, don’t worry because you won’t have to pay any extra fees just to get your hands on one.

Just make sure you act quickly! Once supplies run dry, they will no longer accept orders.

Onitsuka Tiger Ginza isn’t your typical shoe store. Instead, it focuses on creating high-quality pieces using premium materials. Their goal is to create footwear that not only looks good but feels great too. They do so by combining their expertise in fashion design with the latest technologies available.

As such, customers receive shoes that look stylish yet remain durable enough to last long. And if you’re looking for sneakers, check out their range of men’s and women’s kicks.

Onitsuka Tiger Ginza

Ginza AkeBono

If you love Japanese sweets, then you should definitely visit Ginza Akebono. Here, you can enjoy delicious desserts made fresh daily. Whether you prefer sweet treats or savory snacks, you can choose between over 100 different items ranging from ice cream to cakes.

But what really sets this place apart is the fact that all of these goodies come served inside adorable little boxes. So whether you need a quick snack before heading home after work or you simply want to treat yourself, this is the spot to go.

Ginza Akebono has convenient access to public transportation. Moreover, most of the popular department stores are within walking distance.

Also, many cafes and bars are scattered across the area, making it easy to grab a bite to eat while browsing through the boutiques.

Ginza AkeBono

Ginza KIMURAYA Honten

Started in 1869, KimuRaya Ginza Honten specialty bakery. It sells everything from bread to pastries and cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pies, croissants, doughnuts, cake pops, brownie bites, macarons, chocolates, candies, and even sushi rolls.

The best part about visiting this establishment is that every single product is freshly baked right at the counter. You’ll never find anything stale or frozen here. If you’re craving something sweet, try the chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

Or perhaps you’d rather indulge in some savory delights instead. Then opt for the cheese pizza roll or the chicken teriyaki burger. No matter how much you order, you’ll still end up leaving satisfied.

Kimuraya Ginza offers plenty of seating areas where you can relax and take advantage of the free coffee offered during business hours.

Ginza KIMURAYA Honten

Shiseido Parlour Ginza Honten

With over 100 years of experience under its belt, Shiseido Parlours Ginza Honten is an institution when it comes to cosmetics. From skincare products like moisturizers and face masks to makeup essentials like lipsticks and eye shadows, there’s nothing missing here.

In addition to offering a wide selection of beauty products, shoppers can also purchase skincare treatments, including facials, microdermabrasion, body scrubs, and waxing services.

For those who have sensitive skin, they offer special treatment options just them. Plus, each item sold here carries a certificate guaranteeing authenticity. This means that no fake goods will be found here.

Shiseido parlor is conveniently located near major train stations such as Tokyo Station and Shinagawa station. And because it’s open 7 days a week a visit around your schedule is the perfect place to visit for routine skin care treatment.

Shiseido Skin Care


In a nutshell, if you’re looking for high-quality fashion brands, unique souvenirs, and great food, then Ginza is your destination! With so many amazing places to shop, dine out, and explore, you won’t regret spending a moment here.

My fascination with Japan began several years back at a roadside bonsai stand while on vacation. I became more interested in the where and why's more than the trees themselves. My love of Bonsai led me to further research my interest in the gardens where they originated from and the places and people that surrounded those little trees. My curiosity was well rewarded upon visiting Saitama where the National Bonsai Museum was located and Omiya Village the bonsai mecca for lovers of this ancient art form. Exploring many towns and villages and even making my way to Japan's furthest southern prefecture of Okinawa. I hope to share my love of this wonderful and exotic place with all those who want to know more about Japan.