Nakano Broadway An Anime And Manga Lovers Shopping Paradise

Nakano Broadway An Anime Lovers Shopping Paradise

Nakano Broadway is a large, multi-level shopping complex first developed in the 1960s. This shopping center caters mainly to people who love Anime and Manga, as it houses multiple levels of Anime and Manga shops filled with books, CDs, figurines, and other collectible memorabilia. 

Whether you are a fan of Anime and Manga, or you just want a closer look into this fascinating part of contemporary Japanese culture, heading to Nakano Broadway should be on your itinerary.

Nakano Broadway Selling Massive Amounts Of Manga And Anime

Continue reading to find out more about the shops you can find in and around Nakano Broadway shopping street

What is Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway is an extensive shopping center found in Nakano, Tokyo in Japan. Established in 1966, the shopping complex was made to house luxury goods but now caters to a very specific crowd: Otaku which is Japanese for Anime and Manga lovers.

Manga Collection

Anime and Manga lovers are well aware of Nakano Broadway’s existence because of the second and third floors of the shopping mall where you’ll find a myriad of different Anime and Manga shops.

Filled with memorabilia and collectibles, Nakano Broadway is a haven for Anime and Manga lovers. 

History of Nakano Broadway? 

Nakano Broadway was originally developed in the 1960s as part of the Japanese Economic Miracle where many new shopping districts and megastructures were developed post-war in order to spur economic growth. 

Nakano Broadway was built as a dual entertainment and housing complex, where the first 4 floors and basement levels had various shops, most luxurious, and above that were apartments that people would live in. 

A Variety Of Shops Seen Here In Nakano Broadway

However, as time progressed the popularity of Nakano Broadway faded in favor of larger, more luxurious complexes such as Shibuya. The more luxurious brands moved locations, and in their place, independent shop owners moved in such as Mandarake, an iconic Manga shop. 

What is Mandarake? 

Mandarake is a popular Japanese retail corporation that has a chain of stores catering to Manga lovers. These stores house multitudes of second-hand books, figurines, trading cards, and other Anime and Manga related items. 

You can postulate that it is because of Mandarake setting up shop in Nakano Broadway back in 1980 that the large multi-level shopping complex has grown into the Anime and Manga lovers haven it is today. 

Mandarake Official Website

Mandarake Anime And Manga Store

Where is Nakano Broadway?

Nakano Broadway is located in the western part of Tokyo near the Shinjuku district. Nakano Broadway is easily found located about 30 minutes northeast of the Shinjuku Golden Gai, another popular destination in western Tokyo

Nakano Broadway Location Via Google Maps

What Kind of Shops does Nakano Broadway have?

Made up of 4 different floors of shopping, Nakano Broadway has a lot to offer its visitors. Beginning in the basement of the complex, you will find a large food market that offers a diverse selection of vegetables and fruits as well as meat, dairy, and seafood products. 

Nakano Broadway Official Website (Google Translate Needed)

On the first floor, you will find a vast array of clothing shops, shoe shops, and second-hand products with different knick-knacks, and then of course you have the second and third floors dedicated entirely to Anime and Manga memorabilia. The fourth floor mainly sells electronics.

Where Can I Find the Anime Shops? 

The mall is easy to locate. You just need to get off at the Nakano station, exit through the North exit, and walk for five minutes through Nakano Sun Mall shopping street, and then you’ll find yourself at Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Station

Once you enter the mall, head to the second or third floor and you will find what is referred to as an Anime Loves Shopping Paradise.

Within the shops, you can find a number of different action figures, books, DVDs, and smaller souvenirs such as keychains, plushies, and game cards. 

What do they sell in the Anime Shops?

Once you’ve found the Anime Shops you will find yourself surrounded by every little thing you would want in order to commemorate your favorite series.

Whether that is collectible items, books, or smaller keepsakes such as buttons and stickers, you will find them at Nakano Broadway.

Manga Comics In Nagano Broadway

You can also find a wide selection of figurines, Manga, and toys. You can even find video games centering around your favorite Manga or Anime series as well as board games and puzzles depicting your favorite characters.

These shops will take any Anime Lover hours to explore. 

Are there Any Dining Options at Nakano Broadway? 

There are a number of different restaurants and cafes that you can find within the shopping complex of Nakano Broadway selling things from ice cream to curry to delicious steamed pork dumplings. The dining in Nakano Broadway is not something to overlook while there. 

Nakano Broadway Restaurants Via Tripadvisor

However, a go-to option for many visitors to this shopping mall is to actually head a short distance away.

Less than a 5 minute walk away, you can find plenty of alleyways intersecting the Nakano Sun Mall that offers some of Japan’s best cuisine in the form of Izakayas or Japanese pubs. 

What Is Nakano Sun Mall? 

The Nakano Sun Mall is a covered street filled with stalls of stores. With a diverse variety of shops such as book shops, game centers, and boutique shops, there is something for everyone among the 110 different stores in Nakano Sun Mall. 

Nakano Sun Mall Via Tripadvisor

Nakano Sun Mall Entrance

The Nakano Sun Mall shopping street stretches out before Nakano Boardway for 500 feet. The lovely high glass ceiling allows for sunlight to come through adding a magical ambiance to the shopping strip.

Intersecting the shopping strip there are alleyways filled with delicious bars and restaurants. 

What to Do in Nakano Sun Mall? 

Once you’re done checking out Nakano Broadway, or just before checking out Nakano Broadway, perusing the many shops and eateries in Nakano Sun Mall is a must. You can find a large variety of different shops ranging from electronics to clothing boutique shops. 

Nakano Broadway Shops

The Nakano Sun Mall is popular for its beautiful design – which you can take in while shopping around. A tall glass ceiling encloses the space allowing plenty of sunshine through.

And because of its name, many of the signs are posted on suns, adding to the fun ambiance of the place.

Capsule Toy In Nakano Broadway

After doing a bit of shopping, make sure to check out the side streets branching off of Nakano Sun Mall where food reigns supreme. These food alleyways serve a wide array of different Japanese dishes, and you can find an assortment of iconic Izakayas. 

How far is Nakano Sun Mall from Nakona Broadway? 

Nakano Sun Mall is just outside Nakona Broadway. In fact, Nakona Sun Mall acts as a preceding shopping street you pass through from the train station in order to get to Nakona Broadway. Once you get off the train at Nakano Station, Nakano Sun Mall is just past the north exit. 

Nakano Station Entrance

How to Get to Nakano Broadway? 

You can take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku station or take the Tozai Subway Line, either one will bring you to the Nakano Station. The station is located just south of Nakano Sun Mall and Nakano Broadway. 

Nakano Station Local Train

Take the North Exit out of Nakano Station and then you’ve arrived at the stunning Nakano Sun Mall. Once you’ve perused the shops here, taking in the 225-meter strip, you will find yourself at Nakano Broadway.

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