Tokyo’s Largest Pokemon Center In Nihombashi

A Complete Guide to the Pokemon Megastore and Themed Cafe in Japan

The Pokemon center is always a preferred destination for most visitors in Japan, as it presents iconic Otaku culture. The center opened its doors to the customers on the 14th March 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

The mega-store located in Nihonbashi is considered by pokemon aficionados the best Pokemon store in the country, featuring a cafe inside the store. The store is very large, boasting a large space of 13993 square feet.

The Pokemon center and cafe location are very convenient, just a short walk from the Tokyo station. The center holds every Pokemon item that you’d always wish to have. Visiting the location, you’ll also enjoy some of the best cutting-edge pokemon technology interactive displays, which you wouldn’t find in any other part of Tokyo, Japan.

You can find the Pokémon Cafe and Centre on Takashimaya S.C. East Building’s 5th floor.

Since the center’s opening, the location has been well recognized by most people worldwide, thus making most of them long to visit this location. It’s always an excellent place for kids and adults visiting Japan stop for enjoyment and exploration all things Pokemon. When you get to the building’s 5th floor, you’ll find both the cafe and the retail center.

The Pokemon Cafe

The Pokemon center houses the first and currently the only official pokemon cafe in Tokyo. Therefore, being so popular, you may have to make sure to book seating in the cafe through its website.

Pokemon Cafe Official Website

After getting to the building on the 5th floor, when you turn left, you’ll see the cafe. However, before visiting the cafe to enjoy the delicious meals and themed drinks, you’ll commonly need a reservation. You can check on their website and make a reservation to book your space and seats before visiting the cafe.

Google Map To The Pokemon DX Store In Nihombashi

An adorable Pikachu, a lazy Snorlaw, and mew statues welcome you to this exciting cafe at the entrance. You’ll enjoy your experience at the cafe as the cafe is very spacious; thus, you won’t need to squeeze yourself in to enjoy your drinks or meals.

Additionally, the restaurant has many large statues representing the iconic Pokemon characters. The numerous exhibits that the designers have arranged cleverly on the tables and shelves will amaze you as you browse around.

Types of Meals and Drinks at the Cafe

You won’t leave unsatisfied at the cafe, as the cafe offers various drinks and foods with a Pokemon theme. The staff makes the best foods you and your family will enjoy eating.

The foods are always yummy, cute, and detailed, thus providing the cuisine to fill your stomach. The cafe has all the food being served from the early morning to late-night meals, snacks, and drinks.

On the cafe’s menu, you won’t miss your favorite Pikachu meal. This meal comes with curry rice, carbonara, and the Pikachu’s tail sticking on the meal. If you love hamburgers, the cafe provides the best tasting Snorlax hamburger Doria and Eevee burger diet.

These meals look amazing with some delicious ingredients and the best balance between the cuteness and portion sizes.

During every meal at the cafe don’t forget to order from the dessert menu it is an essential part of a visit to this amazing cafe. The cafe provides several dessert menus you can choose the ones you enjoy.

It offers different varieties of sweet dessert foods such as cheesecakes, parfait, crepes, and pancakes. All these meals usually have Pokémon themes and look attractive to anyone who loves Pokemon characters.

Apart from the meals, the cafe also offers the best drinks you’d love to indulge in. You can enjoy your drink on one of the several different coasters.

It also makes some original and attractive mugs that you can purchase and take back home. The Eevee cafe and the Pikachu mugs present the most unique souvenirs you can have for your drinks at home.

When you order a drink, tea, or coffee, the waiters serve you in these colorful and cute mugs. The drinks will come in mugs bearing skilled chocolate-sprinkled artwork to make taking the drink at the cafe the most fun experience.

If you want to keep the colorful mug and take it with you, you can pay an additional fee, including the cup. That’s why it’s essential to arrive at the cafe with extra cash if you’re visiting the store and the cafe.

Lastly, you can check for sweets and goods at the restaurant to entice yourself or your kids. While visiting Japan, you should never miss enjoying your time and meals at this cafe of its own in Nihombashi, Tokyo.

These meals come at lower prices than you’d have expected, where the fruit pancakes go for around 1706 Yen while the Pikachu curry goes for approximately 1598 Yen.

Unique Features at The Pokemon Cafe

The Pokedom cafe is unique from the other cafes in Japan due to various reasons. The following are the things that make the restaurant very unique:

● Unique and fun character-based foods

The cafe serves its customers with innovative food designs. The cafe offers customers the best innovative food design from desserts to the favorite Japanese Pakuchas meals to enhance customer enjoyment. Additionally, the cafe also offers a high-tech food ordering system in Japan using touch screen menus.

Chefs visiting your table while eating

Each table in the cafe has a personal visit by the chefs who will come to every table and make sure everyone is satisfied with his Pokemon creation. Thus, it’s unique to meet the chef who prepared your meal at your table in the cafe.

● An exciting experience for kids (of all ages)

The kids will find the place extremely enjoyable as each table in the cafe has a touchpad. Thus, kids will enjoy the experience of having a touch screen with interactive Pokemon while enjoying their favorite meal at the cafe. Mostly, the customers use this portable touchscreen to order meals and requesting anything at the cafe.

The decorative and Pokemon-themed cafe

The cafe has an attractive background and artwork that most of those visiting the cafe always want to take numerous photos for memories. The restaurant provides the best lighting with openly spaced furniture and walls decorated with Pokemon themes. The simple wood floors make the room look simple and very attractive for everyone.

The Pokemon Center

Visiting the Pokemon center after enjoying your time and getting filled with Pokemon cuisine at the cafe. On the second floor, you’ll arrive at the Pokemon Center. It’s a huge shop that houses a massive variety of Pokémon collectibles and items you won’t believe the stores selection.

The entrance of the store sets the mood of the experience you will have while browsing thru thousands of items all things Pokemon. The images, videos, and a life-sized Snorlax statue welcome you at the entrance and help set your moods while enhancing excitement as you enter the store.

The store has various things that the staff has arranged perfectly and decoratively on the shelves. There are things like souvenirs, merchandise, snacks, plushies, and many other things.

The store also has unlimited Japanese traditional-themed merchandise with the Pokedom theme. Walking in the store will provide you with a thrilling experience that you won’t forget.

What Can You Find At The Pokemon Center?

After reaching the Pokemon center, it’s where all the real action and excitement will kick in. After walking in the center, you’ll be amazed by the things you see inside the megastore.

You find all the favorite pokemon related items in the different areas in the expansive store. Even if you don’t like any of the stuffed Pokemon products on display, you’ll always have your choice of other creative and fun products.

The reason being the large store contains a large variety of merchandise all with pokemon-themed characters.

The shop has many small products that you can easily take back home as a souvenir. Additionally, some of the products and items are very unique and one of a kind exclusively for this location only, so you can make them great gifts for your friends and family back home.

In addition, there are some other areas in the store where customers can play games they love more or can try out demos on new pokemon games.

You can check around the shop for the things you’re interested in buying and pick your favorites. After which, you can proceed to the Pokemon’s screens at the back of the stores near the windows. On these screens, you get valuable information about your favorite Pokemon.

These screens can act as your Pokedex during your visit to the center. The Pokedex will help show all the things about the different Pokemon; this includes the weight, height, and type of Pokemon.

You can also find the best collections of your favorite Pikachu and Eevee collectibles. These products will be in abundance because of the emergence of the new Pokemon game in the center, where most individuals usually enjoy.

As you walk through the store, you can see the nice things you can use as birthday gifts. If you’re a lover of phone cases, you get a local phone case made and decorated by local traders. Comparing this Pokemon center, the other Osaka, and other towns, this store in Tokyo presents the best experience.

Pokemon Center Exclusives

The Pokedom DX center is full of Pokemon one-of-a-kind merchandise, which many have specific Japanese themes. Therefore, if you like Japanese designs and motifs, this is the best place you can go shopping for themed pokemon merch while visiting Japan.

Unique One Of A Kind Items Pokemon DX Store

You can find a variety of Pokemon goodies and items at the shop, additionally, you can find some exclusive goods at this location.

Before planning your visit to Tokyo, make a reservation at the Pokemon cafe’s website. Then, come and enjoy having once in a lifetime experience both at Pokemon DX Centre and its cafe.

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