Exploring Downtown Tokyo (10 Streets And Areas You Don’t Want To Miss)

Tokyo is a true megacity and the central location of tourism in Japan and is by far one of the most well-known destinations in the world. It’s also one of the primary cities that tourists will explore when visiting Japan. Tokyo is also the political hub of Japan, Japan’s Emperor resides here, and the country’s central government is here as well. 

Tokyo is also an economic hub of Japan, being a popular place for industries to grow and businesses to develop. Some of the most prominent and successful international businesses in the world are situated in Tokyo. 

Apart from being such an important part of Japan’s infrastructure, Tokyo is also a bustling tourist destination for the number of sights and attractions to see.

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Downtown Tokyo is a must-see if you’re traveling to Tokyo. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, so below are 10 of the areas and attractions you want to take in while you’re there. 

Akihabara Junk Street

If you are a tech or electronics lover, you must venture out to Akihabara Junk Street. This street boasts electronics stores galore. With Japan being such a technologically advanced country, this is absolutely the destination to see in Downtown Tokyo if you’re into the latest gadgets or technology. 

The name Akihabara comes from Akibadaigongen, who is the firefighting god. This is because the area was once susceptible to fires during the Edo period. It has definitely changed since this period in time.

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Akihabara Filled With Gaming, Manga, and Electronics

There is also a part of this area, a back street, known as Junk Street, where you can find electronic treasures that are hard to find anywhere else. 

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There is more than just electronics and technology on this street. There are also numerous restaurants and food shops where you can stop for something delicious while traveling around Tokyo

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21

This waterfront area in Tokyo is a beautiful sight to take in; so beautiful, in fact, it has won a landscape award. This is the perfect place to spend a sunny day in Tokyo, walking around and taking in the stunning blue water.

There are, of course, massive skyscrapers and historical buildings mixed into the Yokohama area. 

For tourists, there’s also the Cosmo World amusement park that’s perfect for entertaining kids and kids at heart. The amusement park is home to the famous Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel that lights up brilliantly at night and can be seen from distant areas across the city.

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Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 Area 

There is also the Yokohama Museum of Art, the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and the Yokohama Landmark Tower which are all must-see destinations. 

In this area, another sight that must be taken in is the Kishamichi Promenade, where you get a gorgeous view of the Minato Mirai skyline. It’s also a great place to take a walk and enjoy different vistas of the scenery. 

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Shibuya Center Street

This is the central place to be for the young and hip in Tokyo. The commercial district is full of fun activities to do, such as visiting game arcades and hours of endless shopping.

Singing karaoke and dining out is only a fraction of the points of interest you’ll want to explore. Shibuya Center Street has seen vast improvements over the years, and the city still takes great pride in making this street even more approachable and interesting attractions for tourists and locals alike. 

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Shibuya Center Street

It used to be an area that saw a lot of floods before the Udagawa River drainage system was improved upon. Now that it’s such a popular area, there are even events held in the streets. 

A lot of fashion trends start and end here, as the very popular area is known by fashion lovers to be where the most fashionable youth of Japan showcase what’s in and what’s out. 

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Takeshita-dori Street

For fashion lovers and trendsetters, Takeshita-Dori (Street) in the Harajuku district is a destination you’ll want to put at the top of your list.

The bustling street has a unique mixture of Japanese shops and Western branded shops to explore. It’s a great street to spend the day, it’s easy to travel to, and there’s a lot to explore. 

Takeshita Dori Via Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Takeshita Dori

Many of the boutiques and patrons of the shops on Takeshita-Dori are at the forefront of fashion and are responsible for starting some of the biggest fashion trends that spread throughout Japan and eventually around the world. 

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When you need to take a break from shopping, there are numerous cafes and restaurants to sit down at and have a great meal of traditional Japanese dishes or even well-known western fare

Toshima Ecomusee Town 

Toshima Ecomusee Town is home to a large skyscraper that is a sight to behold. The unique structure was built in 2015 and houses businesses, medical facilities, and offices. The building is in the top 100 tallest buildings in Japan

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The area also boasts a manicured garden terrace that tourists can enjoy, as well as places to eat and stores to shop at. There is also an abundance of trees in the area, making for a nice mixture of nature and innovation. 

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World Trade Center Tokyo 

The World Trade Center in Tokyo is another magnificent piece of architecture that is a top-see destination. The expansive building is home to a Seaside Top, on the top floor of the building. It offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area, including Tokyo Bay and Odaiba

***Update On Tokyo World Trade Center Building***

Tokyo World Trade Center Observation Deck

Regardless of whether or not you go during the day or at night, the view is just as beautiful. That being said, the view at night was rated one of the three major night views in Japan to see. 

It also looks like there will be a reconstruction of the World Trade Center Tokyo that won’t be completed for a few years. 

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Musashi Koyama Shopping Street Palm

This shopping area boasts 2624 feet of shopping and other activities, all under a retractable roof to make it suitable for enjoyment all year round.

Musashi Koyama Shopping Street Location Via Google Maps

There is a cooperative in place dedicated to maintaining the area, which saw the devastation from airtime raids during the war. They are responsible for keeping the area lively and thriving while also keeping the traditional aspects of it alive. 

Shotengai Or Covered Shopping Street

There is so much to do in this shopping area, and you can shop for just about anything you shop for. You’ll find clothing, home items, electronics, and more, as well as places to eat and even spas within the area.

There are also four arcades that are perfect for when you need some fun after shopping the day away. 

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Roppongi Intersection (Roppongi Crossing)

If you are looking for a night on the town, the Roppongi area is where to go. This area has a myriad of nightclubs, restaurants, and bars where you can enjoy a drink or two or dance the night away. 

With the array of businesses and offices in the area, it’s also a popular destination for those who work in the area to loosen their ties on the weekend, so you’re bound to meet a lot of interesting people in the area. Many foreign embassies are also in the area. 

Roppongi Intersection Official Website Via Visit Minato City

With the numerous clubs and the lights coming from the tall buildings at night, the Roppongi area can be quite an amazing sight after the sun sets.

Roppongi Intersection Location Via Google Maps

There’s an observation deck at the Roppongi Hills where you can take an expansive look at surrounding Tokyo landmarks which are truly stunning at any time of the day. 


Kabukicho is another entertainment district in Tokyo with a bustling nightlife scene. There are shops to explore during the day as well as many eateries to enjoy. You can also find host and hostess clubs in the area, which are well-known places in Japan to enjoy drinks and companionship. 

Kabukicho Official Website

Kabukicho Location Via Google Maps

There is also a robot restaurant, which is quite expensive to dine in at, but it’s truly an interesting thing to see. There are extravagant robots, sometimes with girls riding on them, and super loud music to attack all the senses at once. 

It’s important to note that you should be careful when in this area. Some business owners will try to take advantage of naive tourists by promising deals, but they end up overcharging for services like food and drink. 

Marunouchi Naka-Dori

Nature lovers will want to make an effort to visit Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street. It’s a nice mixture of architecture, art, and nature, and the city has a goal to ensure harmony is always in place between innovation and nature here. 

Marunouchi Naka Dori Locatin Via Google Maps

Marunouchi Naka-Dori

Marunoouchi Naka Dori

There are expansive, tall trees lining the street, as well as artwork displayed all over the area. Many events are held in this area as well, taking advantage of the beauty within the street. This street is also home to some very prominent businesses and international corporations. 

The Marunouchi Building is also where you can browse various shops and find some restaurants to enjoy. The street also has some great cafes and designer stores for the fashion elite. 

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