Exploring the Heart of Tokyo: What to See And do in Roppongi

Roppongi is Tokyo’s pinnacle of fine-dining, luxury shopping, and nightlife, some of which are extremely foreigner-friendly and cater specifically to tourists and ex-pats. You can visit the museums and shopping centers during the daytime, and enjoy the multitude of nightclubs, restaurants, and other nightlife activities during the nighttime.

If you’re wondering what to do in Roppongi, this article will dive deep into the heart of Tokyo, showing you the top places to visit on your exploration of Japan.

Tokyo Skyline from Roppongi hills tower 

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi (六本木) is a district within Tokyo bursting at the seams with tourist-friendly activities and places to see. It’s famous for Roppongi Hills, a development area filled with exclusive shopping and lively nightlife. Roppongi’s nightlife is popular with both locals and foreigners.

Among the lights and tantalizing aromas, Roppongi is well-kept and clean. It is a safe place to walk in during the daytime and nighttime for both tourists and locals alike.

Roppongi Christmas Illumination With Tokyo Tower In The Distance

Roppongi Hills Top Attraction, Shops, And Restaurants Via Tripadvisor

What are the Top Places to Visit in Roppongi?

The top places to visit are Roppongi Hills, Tokyo City View, Mori Art Museum and Mori Arts Centre Gallery, Mori Garden, Tokyo Midtown, Hinokicho Park, Don Quijote Roppongi, Barbacoa, Hard Rock Cafe, and IPPUDO Roppongi.

Roppongi Hills

Situated just outside Roppongi Station, Roppongi Hills is your one-stop for luxury and entertainment: boutiques, a cinema, restaurants, apartments, the Mori Art Center Gallery, luxury hotels, and a Japanese garden and parks.

The Roppongi Hills mega-structure took 17 years to build and is about 28 acres of luxurious shops, exquisite dining, and well-rounded amenities. 

Giant Spider Sculpture Outside of Mori Art Museum

To take a once-in-a-lifetime photo, you can stand beside Marman, a massive bronze and marble spider made by Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist. It is found at the base of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills.

Mori Art Museum Official Website

The Magic is Behind Roppongi’s Tokyo City View

The magic behind Roppongi’s Tokyo City View lies in the artwork around you:  the art inside the building, and the art outside as well.

Mori Tower hosts the Mori Art Museum and Mori Arts Center Gallery, and after looking at the vast display of artwork inside, you can step outside on the observation deck and see the art of the city skyline, which includes the Tokyo Tower.

According to TripAdvisor, the Tokyo City View is first on the list of 57 things to do in Roppongi.

Tripadvisors Guide To Roppongi

Tokyo City View is an observation deck in the Mori Tower on the 52nd floor, 250 meters high. This makes Tokyo City View the highest viewpoint in the city and gives one of the most picturesque views of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower in Roppongi’s Skyline

Tokyo Tower is the ‘Landmark Light’ of Tokyo and is known as an iconic symbol of Japan all over the world, making it the perfect keepsake for your Japan tour photo album.

Tokyo Tower stands at 333 meters, making it the second-tallest structure in all of Japan. 

Tokyo Tower

There are two iconic looks to Tokyo Tower depending on what time you visit. From July through to September, Tokyo Tower is lit with white and orange lights. And during October through to July, Tokyo Tower is lit in warm orange. These orange lights are the most iconic look for Tokyo Tower.

Mori Art Museum and Mori Arts Center

On the top floor of Roppongi Hills, in the Mori Tower, you’ll find the striking entrance to the Mori Art Museum with contemporary art from Japan, Asia, and all around the world. The Mori Art Museum showcases world-class exhibitions all throughout the year.

Mori Tower Museum Display

One of Tokyo’s best museum gift shops is located at the museum, called the ‘Mori Art Museum Shop’. They sell a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces, artwork, and souvenirs from your favorite artists.

Adjacent to the Tokyo City View observation deck is the Mori Arts Center Gallery, an art space dedicated to high-quality artwork in a variety of themes. The gallery includes pieces from the world’s top museums, manga, anime, fashion, and design. 

Mori Garden

Situated in Roppongi HIlls, just outside the TV Asahi building, the Mori Garden is a small Japanese garden with a waterfall and peaceful atmosphere, making it ideal for taking a break from shopping and sightseeing in the Roppongi Hills.

According to JW-Web magazine, Mori Garden is one of the best places to view cherry blossom trees. The Mori Garden is home to over 70 pink pastel trees and is lit up in the nighttime so you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms under awe-inspiring skyscrapers.

Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi

Tokyo Midtown is similar to Roppongi Hills in its sheer size with many amenities to offer, such as over 130 shops and restaurants. They also have offices, residences, and art museums. It is the essence of Tokyo, offering an array of events throughout the year, vast green spaces, and a luxury hotel. 

The main building, Midtown Tower, is surrounded by 10 acres of greenery called Hinokicho Park.

Tokyo Midtown Display In Roppongi

Hinokicho Park in Roppongi

Hinokicho Park is a carefully constructed park filled with beautiful greenery, small waterfalls, lights, and winding footpaths. It’s large enough to feel like you’re in a forest instead of in the middle of a metropolis and is perfect if you need a break or want a place to take a break.

Hinokicho Park Roppongi

Don Quijote Roppongi

Don Quijote Roppongi is your one-stop shop for discount products, ranging from household goods to brand names. It is filled from floor to ceiling with a huge variety of goods from watches to ceremonial tea sets and is a must-see on your tour at least once.

Don Quijote Official Site

A Don Quijote Store In Asakusa

Barbacoa Fine Dining Restaurant

Barbacoa, located in Roppongi Hills, stands out due to its authentic Brazilian barbecue and all-you-can-eat buffet, offering an international atmosphere that is tourist-friendly.

Barbacoa In Roppongi Official Website

According to TripAdvisor, Barbacoa is in the top 20 out of 902 restaurants in Roppongi.

What Makes Hard Rock Cafe Stand Out for Roppongi Tourists?

Located in the center of Roppongi’s nightlife, Hard Rock Cafe stands out with its neon guitar on the front, and tourist-friendly atmosphere inside.

Tony Roma’s Hard Rock Cafe sports classic food, a rock and roll atmosphere, and memorabilia that music fans around the world will love to see.

Hard Rock Cafe Roppongi Official Website

Hard Rock Cafe Shop In Roppongi

IPPUDO Roppongi the Best Authentic-Tasting Ramen

IPPUDO Roppongi is famous for its authentic ramen dishes winning numerous awards such as first in “Tokyo Ramen of the Year”, and the number one restaurant for “Restaurants popular with foreigners in 2014” by Trip Advisor.

IPPUDO Official Website

Out of 550 reviews on Trip Advisor, 332 reviews rate the ramen shop as ‘excellent’, or five stars.

It’s no wonder IPPUDO is considered the best ramen shop, considering the founder entered the Hall of Fame for winning the ramen competition portion of the show “TV Champion”. It wasn’t for one win, but three wins, all in three consecutive years.

Their ramen broth is also a cut above the rest, using a special “Juku Kasane” method where the broth is simmered for 18 hours and left to age a day on low heat, giving that smooth, silky taste and rich flavor.

Roppongi Hills Official Website

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