Exploring The Most Mind-Bending Museum in Tokyo (TeamLab) An Interactive Digital Experience

The TeamLab Borderless is a Digital Art Museum located in Tokyo. It is perhaps one of Tokyo’s most “Instagrammable sites.” The Borderless Museum is an experience unlike any other. Lights and sound combine to create interactive art that everybody can enjoy.

Continue reading to learn more about the teamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum in Tokyo and why it is a must-see attraction to include in your travel itinerary.

Who is TeamLab?

TeamLab is a group of engineers, UI designers, math experts, and artists who pioneered digital art.

For numerous years, the multidisciplinary organization has staged outstanding exhibits worldwide. Their work investigates the intersection of art, sensory input, and technology.

What is TeamLab’s Borderless Museum?

The Borderless show, which is held at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Visitors are engulfed by the art, which changes and alters, enticing their senses.

The teamLab group developed the Mori Building and Digital Art Museum in Odaiba after garnering prominence in the digital art industry via shows both in and outside of Japan.

The TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum is advertised as a world of artworks without borders. Borderless is a museum that has been constructed without a guided map.

The artworks roam about the room interacting with guests and other digital paintings and features.

The Most Unique Audio-Visual Experience in Tokyo

The museum offers a one-of-a-kind audio-visual experience unlike any other in the world. The museum is a place to browse and discover a fascinating immersive experience, with more than 500 computers and 470 projectors in specifically constructed rooms.

It is one of the top things to do in Tokyo and should not be missed because of the fantastic projections and ingenious usage of specifically created illusions.

Who Visits the TeamLab’s Borderless Museum?

Within a year of opening, teamLab Borderless alone had 2.3 million visitors, outnumbering the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands and setting a new record for the number of visits to a single-artist museum in a single year.

Over 160 nations and regions from around the world sent representatives.

Approximately half of the 2.3 million visitors to teamLab Borderless come from outside of Japan, with the majority hailing from the United States, followed by Australia, China, Thailand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, it appears that roughly half of the visitors from outside Japan came to Tokyo specifically to visit the museum.

Why Visit TeamLab’s Borderless Experience

When exploring TeamLab’s Borderless experience, you will undoubtedly find a plethora of photo opportinities with beautifully lit rooms filled with color.

The Instagram-famous space is adorned with a plethora of LED lighting in various color schemes.

In one room, you may be transported to any icy blue vision, while on another, the area might be bathed in various shades of green and purple. There are no two-room setups that are alike.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to exploring the flowing creations projected in front of you, but the Crystal World region is one of the most spectacular.

The options are unlimited, with mirrors reflecting a labyrinth of dazzling crystals in every direction.

The magical background music excellently caps off this story of lights, colors, and sounds. Touch the figures flowing around the museum walls to observe how they react to you but be delicate with the flying butterflies as touching them will cause them to fade away.

Interact with TeamLab’s Borderless Museum

As you walk through the museum, the artwork interacts and changes according to your presence and behaviors.

Visitors that come to the facility become a part of the experience, defying the typical art gallery notion that fewer people make for a better time and experience.

When visiting with other people in teamLab Borderless, your experience enriches. Since the experience relies on human interaction, with more people, there is a strong sense of belonging when immersed in the museum since everyone there is enjoying and experiencing the digital environment simultaneously.

Get Lost in TeamLab’s Borderless Exploration

There are no numbered trails or instructions on where you should start or end your time. Exploration is an essential aspect of the adventure at TeamLab.

You’ll be met by gorgeous, vividly colored digital artworks nestled in little nooks as soon as you approach the museum.

Over time, the artworks shift and twist. As you tour the museum, you may begin to believe that it is smaller than you thought; however, this will all change as you round a corner and find yourself in a massive chamber with a flowing, glowing waterfall.

Photography is not only Permitted but Encouraged at Borderless

Inside the museum, visitors are allowed and encouraged to take photographs. The museum is popular among Instagram influencers due to its stunning artwork and backgrounds.

Prepare to have your camera out when you reach the Continuous room. The Continuous room is a chamber with no discernible beginning or finish.

In this room, there is a continuous projection of stormy waves that covers and curves along the walls.

You may potentially have to wait for other people to complete their photos in certain popular rooms. Although this waiting can be time-consuming, you will still want to wait for a snapshot at exhibits like the Universe of Water Particles.

Photos at displays like this will be a lasting memory of your experience at TeamLab Borderless. The seasonal displays are another Instagram-worthy project. 

Delve into a Three-Dimensional Universe that is Complex and Physically Demanding.

The Athletics Forest is a creative, beautiful physical area that improves spatial awareness capacity by boosting the maturation of the brain’s hippocampus as there are projections on both the walls and the floors.

Projections of a multitude of creatures flutter below you. Lizards, butterflies, and rare whales may all be seen swimming beneath your feet.

You could also come across digital frogs, which will burst into multicolored paint splotches if you stomp on them.

There’s also a chamber with giant-colored balloons and interactive climbing sections. A room with coloring sheets depicting multicolored reptiles is also available. 

How Much Time Should You Spend at TeamLab’s Borderless Museum?

The amount of time required to see TeamLab’s Borderless Museum varies from person to person.

To give you an indication, the typical museum visitor spends just under 4 hours there. Allow enough time to stop and capture all of the photos you’ll desire, but also remember to include time to wait and return to your favorite rooms.

If you don’t take many images, you might not require much time. However, don’t attempt to hasten it by cramming too many things into your schedule.

This museum is large, and there’s a lot to see, so plan on spending at least 2-3 hours exploring it, including travel time.

TeamLab Borderless Tickets and Reservations

Make a reservation for your tickets ahead of time. Since the Borderless Museum is one of Tokyo’s most popular museums, tickets can sell out fast. Making a reservation ahead of time allows you to ensure you have your tickets for that day.

You may buy them right at the entrance, but there are drawbacks. To begin with, they could be sold out. Keep in mind that this is a popular area in one of the world’s busiest cities.

Plus, booking online is the same price as booking at the door, so there’s no reason to wait.

If there are no tickets available on their official website, note that none will be available at the door.

Borderless Museum Ticket Prices

Adult tickets cost ¥3200, while minors under 15 only pay ¥1000. Borderless Museum is open on weekdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and weekends and holidays, until 9 p.m. 

Buy Tickets Here

How to Get to TeamLab’s Borderless Digital Art Museum

The teamLab Borderless facility is only a 3-minute walk from the Yurikamome Line’s Aomi Station. The museum is also only a 5-minute walk from the Rinkai Line’s Tokyo Teleport Station.

TeamLab Official Website

It’s near to the enormous Ferris wheel on the second floor of the Palette Town retail area. Be cautious not to mix up your location with teamLab Planets, located in Toyosu and is a 20-minute train trip away.

If you begin your journey at the Shimbashi end of the line, the train will pass the Rainbow Bridge on its way to Odaiba, making for a spectacular excursion.

As you go across the bridge, the train trip out is pretty enjoyable, and the view of the Tokyo skyline is stunning.

Team Lab Virtual Tour

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