Osaka Castle Museum And Gardens An Exploration Guide

The 16th-century castle, Osaka Castle, is the most frequented tourist hot spot in Osaka because of the great sights and historical significance. Several structures, including shrines and buildings, are spread through the amazing Osaka Castle Park.

The massive Nishionomaru Garden is one of the most popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Osaka. People visit from across the globe to view these trees each spring and to see the architecture inspired by the Sengoku period. 

Observe the architecture as you explore Osaka Castle and take note of the changing landscape and designs. Osaka Castle has gone through several rebuilds since its initial construction, mostly during different reigns and eras.

The result combines many eras to create one of Japan’s most historic locations.

Osaka Castle In Spring

Osaka Castle: The History

In the late 16th century, the Japanese warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi constructed the Osaka Castle as his primary residence. After it was complete, Osaka Castle remained Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s home throughout his lifetime. The castle withstood several renovations to accommodate the growing kingdom and was a praised landmark for Osaka, Japan.

However, at the beginning of the 17th century, warfare destroyed Osaka Castle. Although leaders always attempted renovations with each fall, a series of natural disasters continued to destroy the castle.

Eventually, a lightning strike ultimately destroyed the castle with fire. It was demolished (aside from a few shrines and gardens) and took many years to be rebuilt.

The modern Osaka Castle tower finished construction in the 20th century. During the 20th century, Osaka Castle survived many World War II air bombings but eventually was almost completely destroyed in 1945 one reason it was the chosen location for the Osaka International Peace Center. 

Osaka Castle View From Its Garden

Osaka Castle has endured several natural disasters but is still standing today as a remodeled structure. The renovated Osaka Castle is open to the public for exploration, with many artifacts on display.

Osaka Castle Grounds

Osaka Castle is the most popular tourist site in Osaka because of the historic gardens and popular museums. The artifacts excavated from the grounds of Osaka Castle show how Japan has evolved over the centuries. 

Osaka Castle With Osaka’s Skyline

The many artifacts on display and stunning architecture are some of the most popular reasons people flock from across the world to this location. Not to mention there are several buildings on the grounds showcasing Osaka’s evolving architecture from as early as the Sengoku period.

Tourists can visit Osaka Castle for a reasonable admission fee at any time of year. The castle grounds feature a variety of unique sites well worth visiting.

Osaka Castle Museum Admission Ticket Machines

Osaka Castle Park 

The two-kilometer park, Osaka Castle Park, is the most popular in Osaka. There are several captivating structures throughout the park, including architecture which is a combination of several eras. 

During the hanami season in early April, Osaka Castle Park is one of the most popular parks for cherry blossom viewing. The expansive land and many cherry blossom trees make it the perfect place to celebrate hanami.

Nishionomaru Garden 

The beautiful Nishionomaru Garden is a large garden with several tea houses and the Osaka Guest House. The Imperial Family does not occupy the guest house, but tourists may visit the guest house while touring the garden.

Visitors must pay a fee of 200 yen to enter the park, where they can view cherry blossoms and other blooming trees. The shade from these spring trees makes enjoying a picnic in the park and sitting under the shade more enjoyable than ever before. 

Osaka Castle Museum 

The Osaka Museum of History is one of Osaka’s most popular tourist attractions because of the many artifacts and proximity to Osaka Castle. The construction of the museum was complete in 2003.

Osaka Castle Museum Display

The entry fee for the Osaka Castle Museum is (at minimum) 900 yen. This qualifies you to visit the museum and view artifacts, potentially hear information, and more.

On the top floors of the Osaka Castle Museum, visitors can pay 500 yen to try on a samurai helmet and armor. Visitors can choose to wear armor from the period of their choice.

Osaka International Peace Center

Osaka International Peace Center is a museum devoted to memorializing the devastation Japan underwent because of the destruction of Osaka in World War II. The museum also includes additions that focus on the tragedy of war and making peace.  See the link below for a printable infographics page with lots of information.

Official Website With English Pamphlet

In the 20th century, the Japanese Innovation Party renovated the museum to change some exhibits, making them more suitable for public viewing

Observation Deck 

The panoramic view from the Osaka Castle observation deck is the best way to view the Osaka Castle Grounds. The 360 observation deck on the eighth floor of the tower gives a perfect view of the city and scenery below.

The observation deck at Osaka Castle

In addition to the distant city, the famous observation deck provides visitors a fifty-foot panoramic view of the Osaka Castle grounds. Visitors are welcome to take pictures and enjoy the view. The observation deck is fully wheelchair accessible. 

Osaka-Jo Hall

Osaka-Jo Hall is a local multipurpose arena located near the Osaka Castle grounds that host major events. This popular location hosts live events year-round like Disney on Ice, sports events, concerts, and much more. The price of admission varies in every event, with some events offered free of charge to the community.

It is, at maximum, a fifteen-minute walk to Osaka-Jo Hall from the train station. The walk from the subway to Osaka-Jo Hall is tranquil and full of many natural sights of its own.

Castle Admission Times

9 am to 5 pm (entrance until 4:30 ) extended hours during some holidays and special events

Closing Dates: December 28 thru January 1


Viewing the Japanese architecture of Osaka Castle is one of the most enjoyable parts of visiting this great tourist attraction. Osaka’s architecture is flawless, featuring influences from Toyotomi’s original designs and modern 20th-century buildings.

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Osaka Castle is a gem of Japan because of the historical value of its timeless elegance. Even centuries after being built, these grounds still appear full of life. 

The price for visiting each location may vary. However, large groups can make an impact on admission fees. For instance, major discounts are offered to groups of fifteen or more.

Grouping when visiting these museums can discount your rate by over 200 yen. By the end of your tour, you will save thousands of yen if you participate in numerous activities. 

Osaka Castle Official Website

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