Manga And Internet Cafes In Japan

If you are interested in Japanese culture or visiting Japan soon, you should know about manga and internet cafes. Manga and internet cafes in Japan have gained popularity over the past couple of decades as they are a part of Japanese culture and are relatively inexpensive places to stay for a few hours or days or even longer.

Japanese people call them Manga Kissa. But what exactly are they?

Manga or internet cafes are places where people stop and stay to read Japanese comics and browse the internet. They charge people according to the time people stay in the café. The places provide some amenities that make it easy for people to stay there for long periods of time.

There are many manga cafes across Japan. Each one has different accommodations and amenities. Be well-aware of all the facilities they provide according to the package you plan to purchase. In addition, the average price may vary from city to city in Japan.

Reasons Why People Choose To Stay In Manga Cafes

Many people in Japan often choose to stay in manga or internet cafes. One of the main reasons is the low budget accommodation. These cafes are popular among people who are going through a rough patch or looking for a place to crash for the night. It may be because hotels in Japan are priced out of their budget.

Businessmen and tourists from different parts of the world also stay in these manga cafes in Japan. It is a great way to save money. Saving time is also possible; traveling to the hotels every day after visiting tourists attractions may waste time.

Anyone can stay at the nearest manga café and get the same type of facilities. Thus, these cafes are more than just a place to read comics and browse the internet.

People who miss flights or trains may also find these cafes useful. Renting or booking a hotel may take some time, which proves to be inconvenient for them. In that case, paying for an allocated period sounds more sensible. It is where manga cafes play a significant role for these people.

In simple words, there are no strict rules or schedules if you wish to stay in these cafes. It makes them more flexible than any traditional hotel accommodations. In addition, they also provide many amenities other than just comics.

They are also known as internet cafés as they offer internet services. Other services also include showers and food and beverage vending machines.

What Do People Do in Manga Cafes?

Overall, people stay in manga or internet cafes for entertainment, amenities, work, and food. They can enjoy many services. They browse the provided computers that have internet access, read comics, take showers, etc.

Manga means comics. So, as its name suggests, it provides a large number of comics that people can read while staying there. Other than just reading comics, people also read magazines and other publications available in Japan.

It lets them pass time, especially when they need a simple place to stay after missing a train or flight.

However, these comic books are mainly in the Japanese language. Unless people are fluent in Japanese, it is hard to understand the text in these publications. They can try to understand the illustrations in the comics. On the other hand, movies on computers that have access to the internet.

Guests get to choose different drinks that may include tea, coffee, soda, and juice. These are especially beneficial for long-term guests. Additionally, they may also offer food and other beverages for an extra cost. However, these may not be available in every manga café.

Some manga cafes may have saunas, showers, and changing areas. This option might be free in some cases, while others may charge a small amount to use the showers.

Next, people might play indoor games in manga cafes. Some offer separate rooms for people to play pool and various cards and video games.

Furthermore, they may offer karaoke rooms where people can spend quality time with their friends or coworkers. On the other hand, some people may come for their internet service; these guests are usually working people.

Cost Of Staying In Manga Cafes

The price of staying in a manga or internet café depends on many factors. The factors include the type of room, facilities, and time. Thus, cafes make it easier for the guests by providing packages. The price of the packages varies.

Typically, the price of staying in a private room in manga cafes starts at a hundred yen per thirty minutes. The cost of staying for the first thirty minutes usually ranges between a hundred to three hundred yen. Then, after the first thirty minutes, the rate starts increasing.

To sum up, the total price for staying in a manga café for three hours is about nine-hundred to fifteen hundred. In contrast, the cost of staying about seven to twelve hours is around sixteen hundred to three thousand. These are some examples of the packages they provide.

Other than just selecting hourly packages, guests may choose to stay for a few minutes. Staying for fifteen to twenty minutes costs around 100 yen. The price may vary for weekends, weekdays, and holidays. It is not always fixed at all times. It is especially true when you have to purchase extra amenities like showers and soaps from the café.

However, not every manga café provides low-budget accommodation. Some may offer luxurious private rooms with lots of facilities, for instance, unlimited food. In general manga, cafes cost more than just an internet access cafe. A large private room suitable for groups will obviously cost more than a single private room.

How To Find And Stay In Manga Cafes?

In Google, search by typing ‘manga cafe in (a city in Japan). If they do not show any appropriate results, copy and paste ネットカフェ or 漫画喫茶 in Google search bar (auto-translate) it means internet café or manga café, respectively. You will find many pictures of these cafes. Decide and choose which café suits you the best.

To stay in the café, talking to the receptionist at the front desk as with any hotel is first. Some cafes will ask for a membership card, which you may not have if it is your first time. Paying a hundred to three hundred yen will get you a membership card, which will allow you to register.

Next, they will ask for your passport for security issues. It is a part of the procedure to become a member. Lastly, they will ask you to fill a form, given that it is your first time staying in manga cafes. In the end, they will ask you to choose a package to let you stay in the café after you pay.


Overall, manga or internet cafes in Japan are suitable for many types of people. The budget ones are blessings to travelers, businessmen, tourists, and people who miss their flights or trains.

Even if you’re not looking for low-cost accommodation, you should experience staying for a few hours or even a day when you visit Japan, it’s a whole new way to explore Japan.

Virtual Tour Of A Manga Cafe

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