14 Best Travel Apps And Websites For Exploring Tokyo And Japan

The 14 best travel apps to use when exploring Japan have been listed below:

  1. Japan Navitime
  2. Hyperdia
  3. Jorudan
  4. Google Maps
  5. GuruNavi
  6. JapanTaxi
  7. Planetyze
  8. Sushi Dictionary
  9. MAPS.Me 
  10. Imiwa
  11. Line
  12. Yomiwa
  13. NHK World Japan
  14. Cymera

Continue reading to discover more regarding why these 14 apps are considered the best apps to use when exploring Japan and why you should download them for assistance on your exploration of Japan.

Japan Navitime

Navitime is a complete English-language rail route. The software requires an internet connection.

However, Navitime now includes a WIFI spot finder, which is helpful if you don’t want to pay for access or can’t go online in Japan.

Aside from thorough information on the world’s most complicated metropolis of Tokyo, it also offers door-to-door route search, voice navigation, a train stop list that will assist you in ensuring you’re on the right track, and train delay information.

Japan Navitime Official Website


When visiting Japan, Hyperdia is a must-have transportation app that you should download and utilize daily.

Hyperdia is considered one of the best travel applications to use when visiting Japan.

Since Hyperdia is a Japanese software designed for commuters and visitors to the country, it’s accessible in three different languages, including English, Chinese and Japanese.

Hyperdia gives you the option of selecting your departure and arrival stations as well as your trip time.

Furthermore, a particular search filter allows the search results to be personalized. Nozomi and Mizuho trains are not part of the national JR Group and are therefore not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

Hyperdia Official Website


Jorudan is a Japanese travel app that has created the Japan Transit Planner, an easy-to-use transportation software.

The Jorudan app displays the distance, cost, kind of railway seat, and any applicable fees. In the event that you do not have a Japan Rail Pass, you will also be provided information on the trip’s duration and total cost. The Jorudan app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The Jorudan app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, one should note that Jorudan does not have a free version and costs around $4 to download.

Jorudan App

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most well-known and widely used transportation apps. Google Maps has been updated to help you navigate any city, town, village, or location in Japan by displaying all of the best routes available at the time of your search.

The name of your train and the time it will take you to reach your chosen ultimate destination may be found by selecting Details. The price shown applies exclusively to people who do not have a Japan Rail Pass.

Google maps are the best app to provide you with your direct location and all the places surrounding your immediate area. Apart from your target station, local restaurants, parks, pubs, and other attractions are all conveniently accessible.

Google Maps At The Apple App Store


GuruNavi can assist you in deciding where to dine because the app will direct you to eateries based on your tastes.

It not only displays nearby restaurants, but it also allows you to filter certain aspects of the restaurants, such as meal varieties and pricing.

It also occasionally gives discount coupons and complimentary beverages. The software, however, is only accessible in Japanese. Those who do not speak Japanese may find it inconvenient.

GuruNavi App


In Tokyo, transportation may not always be the most convenient, as trains do not operate 24 hours a day, and hailing a taxi in less popular city sections can be challenging.

When public transit is difficult or unavailable, consider JapanTaxi, a convenient and user-friendly transportation app that allows you to reserve or summon a cab.

JapanTaxi estimates the cost of a journey based on the distance traveled and offers a variety of payment alternatives, including Apple Pay, Docomo ‘d’ payment, and debit and credit cards.

The JapanTaxi software is available in four languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. 

JapanTaxi App


Planetyze is a fantastic software for planning your next trip to Japan. It greatly assists you in planning your vacation to Japan by providing you with a wealth of information about tourist destinations around the country, including must-try foods and popular souvenirs that you should not overlook. 

You may also check at Popular Itineraries for itinerary ideas, including example tours in Japan, such as “One Day in Hiroshima.”

These pre-made tours will save you a lot of time while organizing your vacation. Furthermore, it provides you with the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture via a personalized tour guide service.

For further information, see the website.

Planetyze Official Website

Sushi Dictionary

By downloading the Sushi Dictionary App, one will be able to comprehend and read the menus in Japan without having to worry about mistranslations. The Sushi Vocabulary app is a searchable and browsable dictionary of popular sushi menu items.

This app includes not just a thorough coverage of all Japanese fish and seafood but a guide to regional and other forms of sushi, such as Osaka-style, and information on popular cooking methods for each species.

This software provides definitions and descriptions for over 150 sushi and fish phrases, making it a quick way to learn all there is to know about sushi.

Sushi Dictionary App


MAPS.Me is an interactive offline map that works similarly to Google Maps but without Wi-Fi or the internet. It’s quite beneficial, especially if you don’t have access to the internet.

Furthermore, Arabic, Czech, and German are among the more than 15 languages offered.

You should download the map of Japan ahead of time so you may use it whenever you want. You may also check your present position when you connect to the internet.

The software is available for download and usage at no cost. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of in-app adverts, you may upgrade to the premium version.

Weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions are available, with each option charging differently.



Imiwa is a Japanese dictionary app that works offline and supports a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, German, Korean, and Russian.

It is strongly advised that you download this app on your phone because since it is free, the meanings of the phrases and words are quite correct.

It not only gives you numerous samples of Japanese phrases, but it also explains how to pronounce the terms in Japanese. With the Imiwa app, traveling to Japan will be a breeze.

Imiwa App


If you want to create a new Japanese friend, make sure you have “Line” installed on your phone. Various communication networks, such as Whatsapp and Kakao, are used in different countries. Line, on the other hand, is highly well-known in Japan.

Furthermore, once you have this app, you will be able to call your relatives or friends in your home country without incurring any charges for international calls. To make a call, all you need is an internet connection.

Line App


You will be able to comprehend Japanese signage, announcements, and labels if you use the Yomiwa app. It’s quite handy and convenient since you can simply take a picture of the announcements, let the app scan through the text, and the software will then translate into English.

It’s straightforward to use and helps you get around without stopping and asking people for constant translations. 

Yomiwa App

NHK World Japan

NHK World Japan is one of the most dependable and valuable Japanese news applications for keeping up with current events in Japan. There are 17 languages supported, including Thai, English, French, and Hindi.

You may view the most recent news as well as other fascinating programs and movies, such as documentaries.

It also includes notifications for breaking news and natural disasters like earthquakes. Before your journey, download this app to understand current events and circumstances in Japan better.

NHK World Japan App


You may use the Cymera app to embellish and edit your photos in a traditional Japanese style. You may also experiment with various features like filters and stickers.

Purikura photo booth devices are extremely popular among young Japanese people in Japan. Purikura allows users to take images with their friends, decorate the photos, and print them afterward.

The decoration is the most enjoyable part since kids can change the size of their eyes and skin tones and add some charming and humorous stickers.

The Cymera app acts like a traditional purikura in the form of an app. It is advised that you use both the traditional Purikura machine and the Cymera app to gain the whole conventional Japanese photo experience.

Cymera App

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