Narita To Haneda Airports In Tokyo (Transferring Guide Made Easy)

Public Transportation in Japan is very efficient, comfortable, and prompt, taking you to and from where you need to go easily and affordably. When traveling from the Narita Airport to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo, there are a few options to get you there. 

Below is a guide for transferring to and from Narita And Haneda airports made simple, even if you are a novice traveler. 

Narita Airport

Why You Might Need To Transfer Between The Two Airports

Depending on where you plan on visiting Japan, if your destination is not Tokyo, you might have to transfer from one airport to another in order to get on a transferring flight.

It is also possible you might need to go from one airport to the other to get a connecting flight on your way home, or on your way out of Japan. 

The two airports are quite far (47.8 Miles) from each other, so taking a taxi can end up being very expensive. It is definitely one of your best options for convenience, but there are other options that are more affordable if you are not in a rush.

Tokyo Taxi Service

Your mode of transportation between airports may also depend on which terminal your plane arrives at or is departing from.

There isn’t a substantial difference in how long it will take you to get from one airport to the other regardless of which route you choose.

Narita Airport Taxi Service Official Website

Chances are, it will take anywhere between one and two hours to get from one airport to the next. Traffic can also play a major role in the time difference.

Knowing which transportation options you have available to you and checking schedules beforehand is the best way to reduce any stress you might experience with all the traveling you are about to embark on. 

The Direct Bus Line

One of the easiest methods of transportation between the Narita and Haneda airports is by riding a direct bus that takes you to and from each airport. This is a fairly affordable bus ride, costing 3100 yen. This bus trip is offered by Limousine Bus. 

These buses are very similar to coach busses. There is space underneath to store your luggage so you don’t have to carry it in the seating area throughout your entire trip. 

Airport Limousine Bus In Tokyo

Friendly Airport Limousine Official Website

This bus trip will take you about an hour to an hour and a half. The bus also runs quite frequently; about every 15 to 20 minutes. You can book yourself a seat on this bus to ensure your seat.

It’s recommended to do this a couple of days before your trip so the busses don’t get booked before you have a chance to make your reservation.

Airport Limousine Bus Time Table

That being said, you should look up a schedule for the day you need the bus just to know exactly when it arrives. This is because the buses don’t run as frequently later in the day. 

Bus and Train Ticket booth at Narita International Airport

The bus gets you between both airports without any need to make a transfer or hop from one bus to another mode of transportation. You can easily buy a ticket for your bus trip at either of the airports. 

The Train Trip

The train is the most inexpensive way you’ll be able to get from Narita to Haneda airports.

The cost for one trip by train costs 1800 yen. The train does not save you much time, though, being that it’ll take anywhere between one and a half hours to two hours depending on the train you are able to use. 

The train will take you between airports and run every 40 minutes. It’s best to check the schedule to time your commute as perfectly as possible.

It’ll also tell you whether or not you have to make any transfers between trains depending on which train you end up taking. 

The Options For Train Routes – Option One

One of the train routes you can take if you are starting your trip at the Narita Airport is to catch the Narita Express train. You can expect to be on this train for approximately an hour and 15 minutes, and you’ll get off at the Tokyo Station

Narita Express Or NEX Train

Narita Express Train Official Website

From there, you will take a short trip on the Yamanote line to get off at the Hamamatsucho stop. Finally, your last train will be on the Tokyo Monorail, which will bring you to the Haneda Airport in just under 20 minutes. 

The Options For Train Routes – Option Two

You also have the option to get on the Narita Express train from the Narita Airport. This ride will take about one hour and 10 minutes, where you will get off at the Shinagawa stop. You will then transfer to the Keikyu train and ride it to Haneda Airport. 

Shinagawa Station

The Options For Train Routes – Option Three

They run less often, but there are trains that will take you directly to one airport from the other. This particular train ride is known as the Access Express. This train ride takes about an hour and a half. 

Access Express Official Website

Taxi Service Narita/Haneda

You can call a taxi to pick you up right where you are waiting and can take you from one airport to the other. It’ll also allow you to place your luggage in the trunk so you don’t have to hold onto it.

Japan Taxi App Via JAPANTAXI

However, because the ride is at least an hour-long, this mode of transportation is going to cost you a lot more money. 

While it’s difficult to say exactly how much this taxi will cost you, an estimate is about 40,000 yen. You can ask the driver if they have a credit card machine, but not all taxi drivers will have one in their taxi.

Taxi In Tokyo

Depending on what time you are calling a taxi, you could also experience a surcharge, making it even pricier. 

You won’t save that much time, so it’s recommended to only take a taxi in an emergency. You might also end up waiting a while for a taxi to show up if there isn’t a free one waiting nearby, or if the airport is particularly busy when you’re there. 

If you use Uber, you can also grab an Uber to take you from one airport to the other. It will still be an expensive ride, but it will probably be less than a taxi. 

Uber Narita Official Website

Tips For Traveling Between Airports

If you happen to have a Japan Rail pass and choose to take the train, you will be able to get on the trains without any additional cost. This will also help you transfer between trains easily, in case you have to do so on your particular trip. 

If you’re not aware of what a Japan Rail pass is, it’s a pass that allows you to ride multiple trains or busses using the pass at a substantial discount across Japan.

This way, you don’t have to spend extra money on each ride. You can purchase passes that cover multiple days as well if you choose to. You can buy them online and pick them up at the airport. 

Japan Rail Pass Guide

Narita Airport

Narita Airport is one of the biggest airports in Tokyo. The Narita Airport was built in 1978 and can be found just on the edge of Tokyo in the Chiba Prefecture. That being said, the airport is not far from Tokyo station, allowing you to get into the core of Tokyo easily. 

This airport also offers low domestic fares for some flights throughout Japan, as well as to some destinations outside of Japan. The Narita Airport sees flights coming in and going out from a variety of airlines throughout the world within their three terminals. 

Narita Airport Official Website

The first terminal sees flights from airlines that are members of both Sky Team and Star Alliance groups. There are also some smaller airlines that come into Terminal 1, including Uzbekistan Airlines and MIAT Mongolian Airlines.

Terminal 2 sees some flights from the aforementioned groups from Sky India and China Airlines. They also see flights from OneWorld and some other airlines, including Scoot and AirAsia X.

Finally, Terminal 3 will usually get flights in and out from budget airlines. Some of these airlines include Spring Japan, Jeju Air, and Jetstar.

Regardless of which terminal you arrive at, there are shuttle busses that can take you between terminals if you need to catch your mode of transportation from a different terminal than you entered into.  

Haneda Airport 

The Haneda Airport is also one of the biggest airports in Tokyo, alongside the Narita Airport. The international terminal is fairly new, built-in 2010. It started as a smaller airport that only handled domestic flights. Now, it sees commercial carriers coming from all over the world. 

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

There are three terminals within the Haneda airport, one of them being designated for international flights only. One is designated for flights that are operated by Japan Airlines and Skymark Airlines.

The other terminal is designated for flights operated by All Nippon Airways, Solaseed Air, and Al Do. Both terminals also occasionally see flights operated by Starflyer. 

Haneda Airport Official Website

Haneda Airport Tokyo

If you fly into a terminal but want to make your transfer between airports with a specific transportation mode, there is a shuttle bus that will take you from one terminal. Walking between terminals also isn’t too much of an arduous task.

Using The Narita Express Train Virtual Guide

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