How To Call Japan from The United States (Lowest Cost and Most Reliable)

To call Japan from the United States, dial 011, followed by the country code for Japan, 81. Then just type in the 9- or 10-digit phone number you’re attempting to call. Keep in mind that calls to Japan might be costly depending on your service provider. Fortunately, buying a calling card or installing calling software can help you save money on international calls or even make them for free.

Continue reading to learn more about making phone calls to Japan from the United States as well as how to lower the cost and the most reliable methods.

How to Dial a Japanese Phone Number?

For the US exit code, dial 011. The exit code informs your service provider that you are phoning from a country other than the United States.

However, take note that it might be costly to make international calls. Before making a call, check with your service provider to see their international calling rates and find out what time it is in Japan.

Depending on where you reside, Japan is 13-16 hours ahead of the United States. If you phone Japan at noon in the United States, it will be 1-4 a.m. there.

The country code for Japan is 81. Your service provider will use the country code to determine which nation you’re calling from. It’s always 81, no matter where in Japan you’re phoning.

Knowing the Area Code When Calling a Japanese Landline

In Japan, only landline phones have an area code. Area codes will not be found on mobile numbers. There will be 1-3 numbers in the area code. Since each city in Japan has its own area code, you’ll need to know where the landline is in order to dial. The area code for a landline in Tokyo, for example, is 3.

Do not input a 0 if the area code you’ve been provided begins with one. When calling within Japan, the 0 is only required. Your call will not be routed unless you delete the area code.

If You’re Calling a Japanese Mobile Phone, Dial 70, 80, or 90

There is no area code on Japanese mobile phone numbers. Instead, they begin with one of the numbers 70, 80, or 90. The phone number you were provided should have the correct prefix.

If it isn’t, send an email or message to the person you’re attempting to reach to find out the correct phone number.

If the two-digit prefix you’ve been provided begins with a 0, don’t input it when dialing the number. The 0 may only be used to make calls within Japan. Your call will not go through if the 0 is left in.

Then Dial the Remainder of the Phone Number You’re Attempting to Contact

If you’re dialing a landline, the number will be 9 digits long, including the area code. If you’re calling a mobile phone, the number will be 10 digits long, including the 2-digit prefix. For example, by dialing a Japanese landline, the whole number, including the exit and country codes, will be 011-81-3-1234-5678.

011-81-70-1234-5678 is an example of a Japanese mobile phone number that includes the exit and country codes.

How to Save on International Japanese Calling Costs

Save By Using an International Calling Card

Prepaid phone cards, commonly known as calling cards, are cards to which you may add minutes for a set charge.

You may save money by using those minutes to call overseas lines. Many prominent stores sell calling cards both online and in-store. Phone Calling Cards

Always check the tiny print to discover if there are any hidden fees or restrictions. If possible, purchase a calling card that allows you to call Japan from anywhere in the globe.

Sign Up for an International Calling Plan to Save Money

Some phone service providers provide international calling plans with discounted prices for international calls.

Signing up for one of these plans might save you money if you make international calls frequently and can’t utilize a free calling app.

If you want to sign up for an international calling plan, check with your service provider to see what options are available.

Most international calling plans have extra costs, so you’ll save money only if you make several foreign calls each month.

Download a Calling App to Make Free or Low-Cost Calls to Japan

Nowadays, you can make international calls using a variety of free applications that you may download to your phone or computer. In order for your call to be free, the person you’re attempting to reach must also download the same app.

On the other hand, some applications will let you pay credits to contact someone who isn’t using the same app as you.

It’s possible that the credits are less expensive than your service provider’s international calling prices. Popular free calling apps include WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Voice.

Inquire About Special International Offers from Your Local Phone Provider

You already have a service provider to make calls within the United States. Before you go out and buy an overseas SIM card or spend money on an app, contact your provider and ask what international calling plans they provide for the countries you call the most.

Making Low-Cost Calls from Japanese Cellphones

Discount mobile phone plans may save you money on more than just international calls. Local and long-distance calls in Japan may be pricey, as many JETs rapidly learn, so shop around for decent domestic calling offers.

Many businesses now provide international and domestic service, which is excellent news if you want to save money on your phone. Depending on the business you choose, you should be able to use the same provider for both local and international calls on both your mobile and landline.

In Japan, most discount mobile phone services demand registration before you can make calls, however, it is typically free.

When you register, you specify the phone numbers on your phones and the numbers from which you call, and then you may use those phones to contact any other number at the discounted rates given by the discounted rate of these service providers.

Tips and Tricks to Consider When Calling Japan

To minimize the difficulty and promote successful conversation, it is vital to learn Japanese cultural etiquette before making calls.

A specific greeting is used in Japan at the start of a phone conversation. “Moshi Moshi!” says the recipient of a call.

Always Call at the Right Time

When it comes to their corporate culture, the Japanese are likewise stringent. As a result, be sure to reach out to your vendors or partners during regular business hours. Calling your customer or partner early in the morning or around lunchtime is not a good idea.

In Japan, picking up a phone on public transportation is a huge no-no. As a result, don’t call during commute hours.

It’s also worth noting that Japanese people are quiet and somewhat private. During the early stages of your work relationship, it is preferable to refrain from asking personal inquiries.

Talk Simply and Be Clear

When speakers cannot see each other, communicating is significantly more difficult since there is no additional information provided by a person’s facial expression or gesticulation. Whether you’re speaking Japanese or English, it’s likely that one of you will find it difficult.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid adding to the tension. As a result, strive to utilize basic phrases and idioms and keep your sentences short and specific to make it easier for the audience to comprehend you.

In addition to not being able to see the partner, it is common to be unable to hear the partner well. Since there are always a lot of noise disruptions in the background, try to talk clearly and at a reasonable pace.

How to Make a Direct Call in Japan

To make a direct call in Japan, enter the number exactly as it appears on the screen. When dialing from one landline to another in the same area, you can omit the area code, it is not essential.

How to Make a Direct Call from Japan to a Foreign Country

Enter the access code for international dialing (010). Then dial the country code for the destination country.

If the number starts with a 0, delete the first 0 and dial the remaining digits. Dial 010+1+123-456-7890 to reach the US number (123) 456-7890. This approach works from any Japanese phone, although it is usually the most expensive way to make an overseas call.

Common Phrases When Making Calls In Japan

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