A Guide To Kansai International Airport Near Osaka

Japan’s Kansai international airport near Osaka is the most predominant airport in the Osaka area. The airport has two terminals and is located just 25 miles south of central Osaka. There are multiple ways to reach the airport.

In this article, we’ll explore everything that you need to know about Kansai International Airport (KIX) in order to create a guide and to help you better navigate and prepare yourself for your trip to or from the airport.

Kansai Airport Terminal

About Kansai International Airport

Opened in 1994, Kansai International Airport is located on a manmade island roughly 24.8 miles south of the city of Osaka in Japan. When the airport was first opened all international flights were moved to this airport from the previously-used Itami airport.

Most of the country’s domestic flights were also changed to Kansai airport from Itami airport, but a few flights remained at the original destination. 

The airport consists of two terminals, with terminal 1 being the main terminal at the airport. Terminal 1 is located inside a large and modern building and is the home for both international and domestic travel.

Kansai Airport Terminal One

If you are traveling by train to the airport then this is the terminal that you will arrive at.

The second terminal, terminal 2, was added to the airport in 2012 and is in a more remote location and is used by budget airlines.

Kansai Airport Official Website

You can travel to terminal 2 by the free shuttle bus service that runs between terminal 1 and terminal 2. However, note that the rail services do not go directly to terminal 2.

There are a few bus services for this terminal, but they are significantly fewer than for terminal 1.

How do I get to Kansai Airport from Osaka?

There are several different ways that you can reach Kansai Aiport from central Osaka. Here we will take you through the different options.

Osaka Skyline

How do I get to the airport by train?

When traveling to Kansai Aiport from central Osaka you have several different options when it comes to trains. One option is the Haruka train (JR train, limited express).

These trains connect Kansai Airport to Tennoji, which will take you 30 minutes and has two ticket options which are 1740 yen for an unreserved seat or 2380 yen for a reserved seat.

Haruka Train Osaka

This line also connects the airport to Shin-Osaka which will take you 50 minutes and will run you 2380 yen for an unreserved seat or 2900 yen for a reserved seat.

Alternatively, if you are a tourist you can purchase the Icoca and Haruka ticket which will allow you to have a reduced ticket fee (1120 yen Tennoji-Kansai airport or 1320 yen Shin-Osaka-Kansai airport).

You can also travel to the airport from Osaka by rapid train (JR train). These trains connect the airport to both Tennoji station (which costs 1080 yen and will take 50 minutes) and Osaka station (which costs 1210 yen and will take 70 minutes).

Tennoji station

The third option is to use Nankai railways whose limited trains will take you 35 minutes to reach the airport and will cost you 1450 yen for a reservation (this runs between Namba station and the airport).

Their regular express trains take a little bit longer at 45 minutes but will cost you less at 930 yen. 

If you need to use the metro to reach Namba station then another option is to get a combined ticket which will cost 1020 yen one way for both the train to the airport and the metro trip.

How do I get to the airport by bus?

There is a large number of different options to reach Kansai International Airport by bus. There are many different stops around the city, including hotels and popular locations.

For an example of price, a bus trip between Osaka station and Kansai airport costs 1600 yen and takes one hour and the bus trip between Namba station and the airport costs 1100 yen and takes  45 minutes.

Osaka Station

What do I do if I have an early or late flight?

If your flight lands or arrives at Kansai International Airport either very early in the morning or very late at night then do not expect the same services to be available for transport. 

For example, if you need to be at the airport before 8 a.m. or after 10 p.m. then bear in mind that all train and bus services do not run through the night. 

Kansai Airport

You will still be able to get a taxi to the airport but there are higher fees for using the taxi service during these hours. For example, this could run you around 18,000 yen.

The best option for flying at these times is to stay in a hotel near the airport. This way you can arrange your travel to or from the airport at a more convenient time when public transport is running again. 

Where to stay near the airport

Although the airport itself is open 24 hours a day, it is advised that you book a hotel room to make your journey more comfortable. There are a number of hotels near the airport that you can use.

Next to terminal 1 you will find two hotels to choose from. These are the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport and First Cabin Kansai Airport. The former is a regular hotel with standard rooms and the latter is a capsule hotel.

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airpot Official Website

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

If you want more options than just a short taxi ride away you will find the following hotels:

  • Kansai airport Washington (a regular hotel)
  • Oriental suites Airport Osaka Rinknu (a regular hotel)
  • Hatago Inn (a regular hotel)
  • Henn na (a hotel run by robots)

Kansai International Airport Location Via Google Maps

A taxi to or from these hotels will cost you roughly 2500 to 3500 yen. However, some hotels do offer a free shuttle bus service to the airport for their guests.

Hotels Near Kansai Aiport Via Tripadvisor

Be sure to get in touch with your hotel in advance to get their advice on the best way to reach the airport for your flight time. 

The Story Of Kansai Airport Osaka

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