Universal Studios Osaka A Complete Exploration Guide

On March 31, 2001, Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka’s Bay region, became the first Universal Studios to open outside of the United States. Over 11 million people visited the park in its initial year and have about 8 million visitors each year thereafter. It is consistently ranked as the world’s fourth or fifth most popular theme park.

Studio Passes and Express Passes are the two primary kinds of admission tickets.

The costs for adults and children are separate. Everyone above the age of 12 is considered an adult. Seniors, disabled children, and handicapped adults can expect discounts.

Studio Pass

The Studio Pass is the most basic admission ticket. The following are the general costs (which may vary moderately depending on peak season, and public holidays).

Adult7315 Yen (1 Day)12408 Yen (2 Days)
Child5000 Yen (1 Day)8334 Yen (2 Days)
Senior 65+6575 Yen (1 Day)
Handicapped adult3658 Yen (1 Day)
Handicapped children2500 Yen (1 Day)

Universal Studios Osaka Tickets

Admission tickets provide you access to the park and its attractions. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office located in front of the park’s entrance or online.

If you choose to purchase tickets at the ticket booth, it’s advised to come early as lines can form quickly.

Express Pass

By obtaining an Express Pass, you will be able to avoid the lines at some of the park’s most top attractions, saving you a significant amount of time. The average wait time for the best attractions is about 2 hours.

Each day, a limited quantity of Express Passes are available for purchase. If you are planning on visiting Universal Studios while on your trip to Osaka, I suggest buying your tickets as soon as possible. Express Passes may also be purchased at the park’s service desk, however, they sell out rapidly.

Types of Attractions

The amusement park is near Osaka Bay. It is divided into many zones with themed attractions, and restaurants based on well-known popular culture concepts (movies, TV shows, comics, video games among many others.)

Universal Wonderland

If you’re visiting with kids, the vibrant Universal Wonderland zone is a must-see. It is directly off of Hollywood Boulevard. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Hello Kitty, and the Sesame Street crew will all be represented.

Big Bird’s Big Top Circus carousel, Cookie Monster Slide, Elmo’s Bubble Bubble, Elmo’s Little Drive, Elmo’s Go-Go Skateboard, and Hello Kitty Cupcake Dream are just a few of the kid-friendly experiences.

Minion Park

This attraction transports you to the Minions’ universe. You won’t know what’s up and what’s down with a huge dome screen and hyper-realistic projection technology.

To begin the process of becoming a real Minion, board a vehicle created by Gru and enter his laboratory. You’ll rush into the air and back to earth, going upside down and round and round, under the supervision of Gru and his three kids.

Minion Park is bright and cheery, with themed decorations, arcade games, food vendors, and, of course, Minions with whom you can snap pictures. There’s also a huge souvenir shop.


WaterWorld is a fantastic stadium with over 3000 seats where you can watch an outstanding acrobatic daredevil performance based on the movie Waterworld. Each performance lasts around 16 minutes, and there are numerous showings every day.

New York And Spiderman

The streets of 1930s New York may be found in this area. From 5th Avenue to Delancey Street, see the era’s most iconic landmarks. Fans of all types of movies will love exploring streets and back alleyways from well-known blockbusters.

The greatest Spider-Man attraction in the world, and the first to receive the accolade for the best ride in the world for 7 years in a row. By using the world’s greatest 3D technologies this ride has been turned into an entirely new experience.

Astonishing effects confound the imagination with reality, as well as a variety of spectacular effects that will transport you to another world.

Jurassic Park

The Flying Dinosaur and Jurassic Park – The Ride is located in this region, which is filled with vegetation and home to two of the most popular rides. The Attraction at Jurassic Park is a water ride, so be prepared to get soaked.

The Flying Dinosaur is a one-of-a-kind ride that can only be found at Universal Studios Japan. While soaring over and around the park, the passengers are hung face down. It’s a thrilling and exhilarating ride.

Super Nintendo World

The newest addition to Universal Osaka is Super Nintendo World. It is located behind the World of Harry Potter zone and opened in March 2021.

You must enter via a rather long tunnel that leads to a new world filled with many colors, entertainment, and a few interactive sections on the other end. Your favorite Nintendo characters are waiting for you at every turn, ready to greet you and take photos with you. 

World of Harry Potter

It features the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction as well as the Flight of the Hippogriff roller coaster, all of which opened in 2010 at Universal Orlando Resort’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The Hogsmeade village is likewise reproduced. Hogwarts’ Black Lake and real owls are two attractions in the Japanese park that are not available in Orlando.

Hogsmeade Village

You may visit numerous shops from the books and movies while strolling around the Hogsmeade hamlet. For instance, Zonko’s Joke shop and Honeydukes both sell chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

The Three Broomsticks offers a feast and butterbeer on their terrace with a view of the lake and Hogwarts castle. The Owl Post Office and Ollivander’s Wand Shop are both nearby.

Amity Village

Based on the movie Jaws and the fictional town in which it is set, it is recreated to the finest detail. Many of the eateries on the Amity Boardwalk have views of the bay and the park. If you’re not too hungry, a snack from one of the food vendors would work just fine. Don’t forget to stop by the Boardwalk gaming center and enjoy the myriad of games inside.


After entering the park through the main gate, the first place you’ll see is the Hollywood area. Many gift boutiques, quaint cafés, and eateries may be discovered here. Palm trees border the famed Hollywood Boulevard.

Live theatrical performances may be seen out on the street. Mel’s Drive-In eateries, with their vintage vehicles parked in front, will send you back to the 1950s.

Universal Citywalk Osaka, a shopping center with numerous official Universal hotels, restaurants, and shops, featuring stores selling Universal Studios products and Osaka souvenirs, is located just outside the park’s gates.

Arriving By Train To Universal Studios Osaka

Universal Studios Japan’s main gate is a five-minute walk from Universal City Station on the JR Yumesaki Line (also referred to as JR Sakurajima Line).

There are numerous direct trains every hour, from Osaka Station, as well as many additional connections that need a simple transfer at Nishikujo Station. Ride a JR airport rapid train to Nishikujo Station and transfer to the JR Yumesaki Line to Universal City Station from Kansai Airport 

Airport Shuttle Buses

Kansai Airport (50-70 minutes, 1 bus/hour) and Itami Airport (45 minutes, roughly 1 bus/hour) are both accessible by bus to Universal Studios Japan.

Other buses from outside Osaka make regular stops at Universal Studios Osaka as well.

One final interesting fact is that the Osaka aquarium has a ferry service that goes to Universal Studios as well. Ferries depart the aquarium about once or twice an hour and the trip takes about 10 minutes. Tickets for the ferry service can be purchased for one-way or round trips.

Captains Line Ferry Official Site

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