Youtubers And Youtube Channels About Japan (Top 10 Countdown)

The scope of Youtube’s popularity knows no bounds, and just about every country has its own Youtube channels that they deem the most popular. Youtube is used by many in Japan, and it’s also the perfect place to learn more about the country if you’re planning on visiting one day. 

Get a glimpse into Japan from a wider perspective through these ten Youtube channels that can teach you all about the culture, the scenery, and more from those who live there and those who know the country well.

Learn everything from etiquette to which tourist destinations are worth exploring and everything in between from a variety of viewpoints. 

Additionally, these channels feature creators that are either native to Japan or have moved to Japan, broadening the types of experiences that are shared through their videos. 

10. Mrs. Eats

Mrs. Eats is part of the duo that started Straight Up Eats, a food community that comes together to share the love of cooking with Asian recipes. Her partner Mr. Eats rose to fame by creating videos with him and his partner traveling and trying different restaurants but eventually pivoted to making food at home to share with the world as well. 

Mrs. Eats has her own Youtube channel where she shares all sorts of information about Japanese culture as well as the Japanese way of life but delivers her knowledge with some sharp wit and humor. 

Mrs. Eats also explores different parts of Japan and takes the camera along with her, so people are able to get a glimpse at what they can expect when visiting some of Japan’s most well-known tourist destinations. 

Mrs Eats Youtube Chanel Page

9. Abroad In Japan

If you want to see how someone who isn’t from Japan has adjusted to living there, Abroad in Japan shows you the country from the perspective of Chris Broad.

He moved to Japan to teach English and ended up documenting his experience given he loves filmmaking. 

The Abroad In Japan channel has since become a team of people who explore Japan and document their travels. Some of the videos err on the side of being a little bit bizarre, and the channel has a knack for making their videos as funny as they are entertaining. 

Abroad In Japan Youtube Home Page

8. Tokyo Lens

Tokyo Lens is a Youtube channel run by Norm Nakamura who shows Japan through some brilliant photography and videography.

His videos started out as being a way to show his photography skills as well as his Tsugaru shamisen skills, which is a Japanese guitar. 

The channel has evolved into a way for Nakamura to still continue to show his wide array of talents, while also adding Japanese travel content and more of his musical abilities. He often takes road trips through Japan and will document these travels for his subscribers to see. 

Some of his popular videos include documentary-style videos where he goes into different communities within Japan and showcases their unique subcultures and ways of living. 

Tokyo Lens Youtube Home Page

7. Paolo From Tokyo

Paolo from Tokyo has been living in Tokyo for many years, but he was originally born in California. He has become an expert on multiple facets of Japanese culture and enjoys sharing what he knows with his subscribers on his Youtube channel. 

Furthermore, Paolo also likes to document different areas of Tokyo to share, and also enjoys traveling through other parts of Japan while filming his experiences.

He also makes a lot of entertaining food videos where he tries different Japanese foods from all around the country, and even makes videos learning about the food industry in Japan. 

He shares all of this information, as well as a glimpse into his family life with his partner and child, with a bubbly and inviting personality. 

Paolo From Tokyo Youtube Home Page

6. Kyde And Eric

Kyde and Eric are an adventurous couple who are from Virginia in the United States but fell in love with Japan after traveling through Asia for over a year. They have been living in Japan since 2011, and now create videos showing them being permanent tourists of their new home.

They do a lot of physical excursions and document these for their YouTube channel, while also exploring some of Japan’s most well-known tourist destinations.

They offer a nice perspective from those who came into the country and fell in love with the culture and can show others who are still learning how to best enjoy the beautiful country. 

Kyde And Eric Youtube Home Page

5. Life Where I’m From

Life Where I’m From is hosted by Greg Lam, who is from Canada but currently lives in Japan with his wife and children. Lam shows how his family lives their lives in Japan, and uses these moments as a teaching experience for those who want to learn more about living in the country. 

He has a variety of content on his channel showing how his family eats and lives daily life, but also shows what working in Japan is like.

Additionally, some of his videos explore parts of Japanese culture with plenty of tips for how to navigate being in Japan when you’re not a native. 

Lam also shows how he incorporates his own culture into their life in Japan and compares different aspects of living from how his family lives now in Tokyo to how countries from around the world live. 

Life Where I’m From Youtube Home Page

4. Only In Japan – John Daub

John Daub is an American who started living in Japan to teach English and fell in love with the country. He is a trained journalist who decided to bring his talents to Youtube to educate the world about what Japanese culture is truly like. 

He felt there was a disconnect between what other countries thought of Japan and what it’s actually like, so he uses his platform to share unique stories from around the country.

He has been able to showcase places from around the country, sharing about food, the way of living, the history of the area, and places for tourists to enjoy. 

Not only has John visited just about every city in Japan, but he has lived in 16 different cities throughout the country since moving there in the 1990s. While not a native, he has been able to learn a lot about the Japanese way of living through his experiences. 

Only In Japan John Daub

3. Only In Japan Go

Only In Japan Go was also started by John Daub, but he has since moved on to other Youtube-related ventures. This channel was part of a joint venture to showcase Japan to the world to help others understand everything from Japan’s history to its present. 

Daub was inspired to create this channel after the Great East Japan earthquake because he saw just how wrong the entire world was about Japan.

Being a reporter, he wasn’t content with seeing how international media was reporting about Japanese life, so he decided he would document the realities of the multi-faceted country. 

Only In Japan Go Youtube Home Page


NKH is a media company that also has a Youtube channel, where you can learn what is currently happening in Japan. It’s a news-based channel to keep up to date with the country, which is ideal if you are planning a trip there. 

Outside of providing news, NKH World Japan also delivers its content in multiple languages, so that as many people as possible can learn about Japan. Furthermore, they provide educational content for those who are looking to learn more about Japanese culture, including language lessons and more. 

Additionally, NKH World has some on-demand content on a plethora of topics and also offers some international news content. It’s an easy way to stay informed about Japan while also being a great place to learn the language before your travels. 

NHK World Japan Youtube Home Page


Japanology Plus is a Youtube channel that teaches people about some truly fascinating bits of Japanese culture through a variety of perspectives.

The series is hosted by Peter Barakan, who is also known as being a part of the Begin Japanology series. 

The video topics are broad, and the channel features everything from interviews to perspectives from the past and hidden parts of Japanese culture that many might not know about.

There are videos about food, everyday life, industry, technology, and human interest pieces of all kinds. 

The videos are shorter in length and easily digestible, making it a perfect channel to binge-watch to prepare for visiting Japan, and can even inspire your itinerary with a sneak peek at some of the best places to explore in Japan. 

Japanology Plus Youtube Home Page

My fascination with Japan began several years back at a roadside bonsai stand while on vacation. I became more interested in the where and why's more than the trees themselves. My love of Bonsai led me to further research my interest in the gardens where they originated from and the places and people that surrounded those little trees. My curiosity was well rewarded upon visiting Saitama where the National Bonsai Museum was located and Omiya Village the bonsai mecca for lovers of this ancient art form. Exploring many towns and villages and even making my way to Japan's furthest southern prefecture of Okinawa. I hope to share my love of this wonderful and exotic place with all those who want to know more about Japan.