Three Best Home Furnishing And Decorating Stores In Japan

Moving to a new country is a major expense, and making your new space feel like home is important. When you make the move to Japan, you have some great options to furnish and decorate your new space affordably and stylishly. 

Regardless of your personal style when it comes to homewares, these home stores in Japan are worth a browse whether you’re moving to Japan or looking to bring some small items home.

Muji Stores Japan 

Muji offers a plethora of furniture to help you furnish your new home affordably. The aesthetic is minimalist, with many options in neutral colors that will allow you to accent with other decors that matches your personality.

Their furniture is functional with great bare bones that you can build your entire home around. 

The History And Mission Of Muji Stores

Muji has been in operation since 1980, with humble beginnings selling food products. They started expanding into providing products for other areas of the home with new releases coming out consistently over the years.

It didn’t take very long for their first large store to open, and as of today, they have a strong presence in Japan and beyond. 

Their mission is to offer people options for their homes that were made with simple, quality materials.

Additionally, Muji wanted to make products that are simple in design to work for as many people as possible. The company also lets the products they carry speak for themselves with minimal packaging. 

What To Shop At Muji Stores

In terms of offerings for the home, you can find furniture for your home, as well as accent pieces to warm up the home from rugs to bedding to accent pieces.

Muji is also an ideal stop if you need to keep a small space organized, as they have a bounty of storage solutions. 

You even have the ability to customize your own shelving system that fits in perfectly with any area of your home in need of a smart storage solution.

Many of their other furniture offerings can be customized to your liking as well. 

Outside of furniture and other home goods, you can also find an abundance of other items. You can shop for stationery for your office, stock your pantry or medicine cabinet with toiletries and food, grab some travel items for your next trip, and more.

Additionally, they offer affordable cleaning options to keep your space looking fresh after you’ve finished decorating it. 

Muji Store Official Website

Muji stores can be found throughout Japan, and you can also order their products online. Some other countries around the world, such as the United States, also have a few Muji stores. 

IKEA Japan

This Swedish brand that is loved around the world for providing affordable, fashion-forward, and versatile home furnishings is located in Japan as well.

Many of the pieces carried by IKEA work well for a minimalist aesthetic, with pieces here and there that can add some color and vibrancy to your home. 

Shopping at IKEA is perfect for the dweller on a budget who also wants to have some fun while picking out new things for their home

What IKEA Japan Offers

IKEA has also become much more committed to operating in a sustainable manner, as well as expanding its product offerings to include more sustainable options for the home.

This is great for anyone who wants to be a conscious consumer with a finer budget. 

At IKEA, you can furnish your home from the ground up. If you need furniture, they offer options for pretty much any room of the home.

You can also find materials that you need to build furniture and functional items for each room such as the bedroom, the kitchen, and more. They also offer affordable decor to make your space feel more personal. 

Why Shop IKEA Japan?

IKEA also typically has items on sale, so you can find some incredible deals and steals. That being said, their prices are already quite affordable, to begin with.

IKEA also launches new collections at least once each season, paying attention to current home trends. A lot of their popular items will also be re-launched with new colors and patterns from time to time. 

IKEA Japan’s Setup

IKEA stores are set up so you can view showrooms with various rooms in the home set up with furniture, fixtures, and decorations.

You can see how furniture and housewares are set up in any room from the bedroom to the kitchen. IKEA also has furniture for outdoor spaces, so if you have a backyard or balcony, it can look just as fabulous as your home’s interior. 

There’s another level of the store where you can look through smaller items for the home, as well as search for some of the furniture disassembled in boxes that you want to bring home.

IKEA Store Japan Official Website

IKEA also offers home delivery, with the option to have staff help you assemble the furniture for you. Shoppers can also browse online, purchase online, and pick up their orders at the store. 


If you’re someone who has no idea where to start when it comes to furnishing your home, Nitori offers assistance with that.

You can visit one of their locations to chat one on one with an employee who can show you your options and help you find what you need.

The Nitori Showrooms And Stores

When you enter a Nitori showroom, you will be able to view a lot of their furniture pieces set up within a mock room, so you get a better idea of how those individual pieces can be put together in a space.

You can also pick out pieces that interest you and an associate can help you visualize those pieces inside your own home. 

There are also select Nitori Malls throughout Japan where you can visit and shop homewares, as well as clothing and food items.

Additionally, Nitori has an easy-to-navigate website that allows you to shop for your home online if you know what you’re looking for and don’t need assistance. 

Nitori’s DECOHome Stores

Nitori also has its DECOHome stores, which are mainly in Tokyo right now. These stores offer items that can add both fashion and function to your home. You’ll be able to browse through some of Nitori’s popular home decor pieces and may occasionally find something new that they are testing. 

Items range from accents and decor items to practical items you can use in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and beyond.

These items are affordable and on-trend, so you can change up your home whenever inspiration strikes without breaking your budget. 

Nitori’s Interior Decorating And Renovation Services

If you purchase your own home and are looking to make more drastic changes, you can also hire someone from Nitori to visit your home and help you come up with some renovation projects that will help transform your home into something you’ll be proud of. 

Nitori Store Official Website

Additional services offered by Nitori include delivery of items you purchase in their stores, as well as help for businesses who are looking to furnish their spaces.

They can deliver your orders to most areas in Japan, and you can also have someone help you with setting up your new items or assembling furniture inside your home.

IKEA Japan Official Youtube Channel

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