The 5 Best Camera And Tech Stores In Tokyo

The top 5 best camera and technology stores in Tokyo have been listed below:

  1. Yamada Denki LABI Ikebukuro
  2. The Bic Camera Outlet Store
  3. Edion Akiba
  4. Yodobashi-Akiba
  5. LAOX Akihabara

Continue reading to discover more regarding why these five stores are considered the best to shop at when looking for camera technology or tech accessories in Tokyo.

Yamada Denki LABI Ikebukuro

Yamada Denki Minamisuna Outlet Store is well-known for its low-cost secondhand and outlet merchandise. Yamada Denki comprises no longer manufactured objects, older gadget models, commodities with visual flaws, and display units.

Yamada Denki is one of Japan’s major electrical retailer chains, so you should be able to get almost anything you need there.

Its salespeople are also quite educated about the newest technology, so why not brush up on your Japanese and ask some questions?

Yamada Denki Official Website

Where is The Yamada Denki LABI Ikebukuro Outlet Store Located?

The market leader in electronics sales, Yamada Denki, has 700 outlets across Japan.

Yamada Denki LABI Ikebukuro is located in the heart of Ikebukuro. The two top retailers are placed next to each other and provide tech at very low prices.

Yamada Denki Location Via Google Maps

What Can You Purchase at The Yamada Denki LABI Ikebukuro Outlet Store?

Yamada Denki sells a variety of gadgets from B2 to 7th level, including health and wellness goods, cameras, PCs, video games, music, and other cosmetics. Since the floors are color-coded, it’s simple to find what you’re looking for.

Large household appliances such as air conditioners, dryers, washing machines, and refrigerators, as well as kitchen appliances such as electric stoves, toasters, electric frying pans, rice cookers, and others, may be found on the second level.

Home lifestyle electronics such as TV sets, laptops, cameras, games, audio equipment, and other associated accessories may be found on the third floor.

Price Reductions at The Yamada Denki LABI Ikebukuro Outlet Store

Yamada Denki Minamisuna Outlet Store sells its tech for around 20% less than it would cost in a regular retail store. Many overseas visitors come to the outlet shop, mainly from India, China, and Taiwan.

Most of these customers learned about the outlet store via friends or other word of mouth.

The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store

Bic Camera is one of Japan’s significant electronics merchants, with over 30 outlets countrywide. Despite its name, Bic Camera sells a wide range of devices in addition to cameras.

Where is The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store Located?

The Bic Camera Outlet Store is situated just outside Ikebukuro Station’s east exit. The main branch, BIC Camera Ikebukuro, is located in the electronic mecca of Ikebukuro and has a total of 9 floors with various types of devices on exhibit.

Bic Camera Ikebukuro Location Via Google Maps

The basement level and first through third floors of this building host a Bic Camera outlet store, while the fourth and fifth floors house a Sofmap outlet store.

This is your standard city outlet store, featuring great items at outlet store prices across the entire structure.

Bic Camera Official Website

What Can You Purchase at The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store?

The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store sells almost anything one could think of, from food to pharmaceuticals, Japanese sake, mobile phones, tablets, TV sets, microwave ovens, kitchen appliances, and a variety of other equipment.

Two other Bic Camera locations in Ikebukuro are the low-cost Bic Camera Ikebukuro East Outlet Store and the computer-focused Bic Camera Ikebukuro PC Store.

Delivery Services at The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store

You won’t have to worry about transporting your goods since BIC Camera provides an excellent delivery service that sends your products to your selected airport where it will be securely held until your departing flight.

Price Reductions at The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store

When it comes to costs, you’ll discover things at The Bic Camera Ikebukuro Outlet Store for 20% to 40% less than their suggested retail prices. The major attraction of Bic’s camera outlet store is refurbished old display units.

Since these typical household gadgets and video technology being sold at the Bic outlet were primarily used for display in retail establishments, they are all in superb condition and hence quite popular with customers. They are also exempt from paying taxes.

Edion Akiba

EDION is a large home electronics shop with over 1,200 locations nationwide. 

Where is Edion Akiba Located?

The JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Yamanote Line, Akihabara Station is a 3-minute walk away. It’s also a 6-minute walk from the Tsukuba Express Line’s Akihabara Station.

After passing through the Mansei-Bashi crossroads. The distinctive blue structure near the Mansei-Bashi intersection is also Edion AKIBA.

Edion Akiba Location Via Google Maps

Edion Official Website

What Can You Purchase at Edion Akiba?

The EDION Akiba shop in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, has a wide selection of internationally recognized brands. High-end cameras, rice cookers, home electronics like TVs and sound systems, hair and beauty supplies, Japanese and international luxury watches, health foods, and everyday essentials are among the many items available.

Of course, it offers duty-free shopping, and Credit and debit cards may be used to make purchases. Tourists from other countries may purchase with ease. 

They sell contemporary gadgets, such as smartwatches, computers mp3 players, and tablets, as well as health and cosmetic items. The selected electric things that foreigners really enjoy are lined up on the first floor. 


Yodobashi Camera is a popular electronics retailer. Yodobashi Camera’s Outlet Store gets display units from other Yodobashi retail storefront locations after maintenance and sells them at outstanding outlet store prices.

Yodobashi-Akiba is the tiniest Yodobashi Camera shop, with only one floor of items lined to peak your interest at every look. The ability to see all available items at once is a very useful tool for bargain hunters.

Yodobashi Akiba Official Website

Where is Yodobashi-Akiba Located?

Yodobashi-Akiba is a popular tourist destination in Akihabara, located just before the Akihabara Station in Tokyo.

Yodobashi Akiba Location Via Google Maps

What Can You Purchase at Yodobashi-Akiba?

Yodobashi-Akiba has it all, from PCs, cameras, tablets, audio systems, and other technology equipment to brand fashion goods like wristwatches, jewelry, eateries, and books. Currency exchange machines may also be found at Yodobashi-Akiba.

Price Reductions at Yodobashi-Akiba

Items will be 20% less expensive at Yodobashi-Akiba than elsewhere. Yodobashi Camera points, like Yodobashi’s other merchandise, may be redeemed for 10% of the purchase price.

However, the percentage changes depending on the product.

Most of the items on display are newer models that are available in typical Yodobashi Camera stores and therefore will be priced similarly.

Visit Yodobashi-Akiba’s Sports Center on the Ninth Floor

A batting cage, a golf supplies store, and a golf practice range can be located on the ninth level. There is equipment at the batting facility that allows you to modify the ball’s pace for each game, so you can genuinely enjoy batting.

Rental clubs and shoes are provided for free at the golf practice range, so it’s convenient to stop by while shopping.

LAOX Akihabara Main Store

LAOX Akihabara Main Store is almost exclusively dedicated to foreign tourists, making it one of the most popular shopping places for international travelers visiting Japan.

LAOX Akihabara selects its merchandise with foreign consumers’ interests in mind and employs a large number of bilingual personnel. LAOX Akihabara is foreigner-friendly due to the vast number of tourists, which means you don’t need to know Japanese to enjoy your shopping here.

LAOX Akihabara Official Website

Where is the LAOX Akihabara Main Store Located?

The LAOX Akihabara Primary Store is located in Akihabara, Japan’s central electronics retail district, renowned as the Japanese counterculture epicenter. 

LAOX Akihabara Location Via Google Maps

What Can You Purchase at the LAOX Akihabara Main Store?

The LAOX Akihabara Main Store sells around 70 thousand products, including electronics, phones, cameras, and video games, as well as wristwatches, jewelry, and other accessories.

The majority of the store’s seven levels are stocked with electric items. Their goods are carefully selected to meet the needs of international guests.

Tourist Amenities at the LAOX Akihabara Main Store

The LAOX Akihabara Main Store also has currency exchange machines and a tourist information center. LAOX Akihabara Main Store has been certified as a Tourist Information Center by the Japan National Tourism Organization.

Its concierge service is available in three languages which include English, Chinese, and Japanese. 

There are sightseeing maps accessible at LAOX Akihabara, and they will even show you how to go to any tourist attraction you want to view.

Tourists will appreciate the convenience of the store’s foreign currency conversion facilities. It’s a two-minute walk from the JR Akihabara Station’s Electric Town Exit or a six-minute walk from the Hibiya Subway Line’s Akihabara Station.

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