Nagashima Resort: Family Fun And An Exciting Area To See Near Nagoya

You don’t have to go somewhere tropical inside Japan to enjoy a fantastic resort by the sea. In fact, Japan has its own resorts, such as Nagashima Resort. This resort is surrounded by water and is full of fun activities for tourists young and old. 

Nagashima Resort can be found in Kuwana, a city in Mie Prefecture, and is located close to Nagoya, a popular tourist city.

Whether you’re looking for excitement, relaxation, or both, you’ll find all that and more at this resort. 

Nagoya Skyline

About Nagashima Resort

The Nagashima Resort is home to one of Japan’s biggest and most popular amusement parks, even with Disneyland and Universal Studios both having parks in Japan.

Furthermore, this resort and its amusement park have been ranked as one of the top 25 amusement parks to visit in the entire world. 

The resort is unique in its combination of fun and relaxation, offering the opportunity to release your inner child one day, and sit back and get pampered the next. If there wasn’t enough to do here, every now and then the resort will hold different events. 

Nagashima Spaland 

The Nagashima Spaland is an exciting amusement park that has acquired a solid reputation for being one of the most enjoyable parks in Japan.

This spot is ideal for families and kids of all ages, as there are options for rides and activities suitable for young kids and adults alike. 

The Steel Dragon 2000 is one of the main attractions, and this rollercoaster takes you on a ride throughout the entire amusement park.

There are also rides that are less extreme that people of all ages can enjoy, as well as a giant Ferris wheel known as the Aurora Wheel.  

Within the Spaland, you can also find a few hotels if you want to extend your stay at the resort. With so many activities and destinations to visit in this large resort, staying there for two or three days, at least, is an excellent idea. 

10 Nearest Hotels To Nagashima Resort Via Tripadvisor

Joyful Waterpark

The Joyful Waterpark can be accessed at Nagashima Spaland. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re in Japan in the summertime. You can go down a variety of water slides of different sizes and shapes that will lead you into large swimming pools, or have lots of laughs inside a wave pool. 

There is also a lazy river where you can float down the path in a tube, or soak up the sun while laughing with your loved ones in the large family pool.

The waterpark is only open between July and September, so if you’re in Japan in the summer, it’s worth adding to your list of things to do. 

Anpanman Museum 

If you have kids with you in Japan, you’ll want to bring them to the Anpanman Museum. This museum, as its name would suggest, is dedicated to the popular animated series.

This adorable character has a pastry head with red bean paste, and he is able to help feed hungry people with it. He’s also considered to be a hero and goes on some fun adventures with his friends. 

Even if your kid isn’t overly familiar with Anpanman, they will most likely enjoy this fun, interactive museum with activities and play areas based on the endearing character.

They have the opportunity to meet Anpanman and his friends and shop for some themed souvenirs and food items. 

Nabana No Sato 

The Nabana No Sato is a flower park that is just a short distance from the Spaland. When you’re visiting during the spring or summer, you may get to enjoy one of the numerous festivals held in this flower park. 

You can also view some beautiful flowers in bloom during the warmer months, including colorful tulips and dahlias.

The flower park makes the perfect place to take a nice stroll, getting in some exercise while reconnecting to nature. 

Nabana no Sato, light festival at Nagashima

From the months of October to May, the flower park gets illuminated with a ton of colorful lights, making for a breathtaking scene that you’re able to walk through and bask in.

Lights will be set along the pathways and throughout the expansive garden, creating a very romantic atmosphere if you’re there with a partner. 

Nagashima Spa Onsen Yuami no Shima 

Your trip to Japan isn’t complete without a relaxing time in a hot spring bath. Thankfully, the resort has a very scenic group of onsen or hot spring spas.

You can enjoy the nutrient-rich hot spring water outdoors with an incredible view, or you can stay indoors if that makes you more comfortable. Baths are also separated by gender. 

Many of the baths have been created around themes, in order to make it feel like you’ve been transported into an iconic part of Japan while you’re sitting in the bath. 

Nagashima Onsen Official Website

This spa complex also offers saunas, jacuzzis, and massages, so you can enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation with some of the most hospitable services.

If you work up an appetite after your day of self-care, there are also a few restaurants within the complex to get some delicious food at. 

Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima 

If you’re looking to indulge in some retail therapy when visiting the Nagashima Resort, this large outdoor outlet mall is a destination that’ll satisfy you, and then some. There are over 300 stores that make up this mall, so you can literally shop until you drop.

You’ll find shops that range from affordable, everyday brands to high-end brand names, and everything in between. 

The choices are diverse as well, as you can enjoy stores that are unique to Japan, as well as stores and brands that you already know and love.

There are also a collection of restaurants, cafes, and other eateries to purchase some food for lunch, dinner, or snacks to bring back to your hotel. 

Price Of Admission

The cost to get into the resort will depend on which attractions you want to visit at the resort, as well as whether or not you’re planning on staying in one of the hotels.

You can get different ticket packages that will offer you some savings if you want to go on unlimited rides in either the amusement park or waterpark for example. 

Nagashima Spaland Via Tripadvisor

Depending on where you’re coming to Japan from, the prices for the amenities at the resort are pretty affordable compared to other popular theme parks and amusement parks.

Of course, you’ll want to have pocket money to grab some food and pick up some souvenirs or do some shopping at the outlet mall. 

Getting To The Nagashima Resort

This resort is located just on the edge of Nagoya in central Japan. You can take either a bus or train to the Nagoya Station, where you can hop on a bus that is heading to the Nagashima Onsen.

There is a stop at the Nabana No Sato flower park or the onsen. 

Nagoya Station

You can also catch a bus at the Sakae Bus Terminal in Nagoya, or catch a bus from either the Kuwana Station or Nagashima Station that’ll take you to the Nagashima Spaland.

It’s best to check bus times and which parts of the resort are open or closed before you plan to go there, as times for both the busses and resort amenities can change.

Nagashima Resort Review

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