Internet To Go In Japan (Renting A Pocket WiFi Device)

If you’re going to be traveling throughout Japan, whether for fun or for work, chances are you’re going to want internet access to stay connected. Before paying for expensive roaming charges on your smartphone, you should check out the option of using a portable wifi device. 

It’s no surprise that Japan has such a great piece of technology that can help you access the internet while you’re on the go. Having these pocket WiFi devices can be super handy when looking up directions, trying to find somewhere to go, and staying connected no matter where you are. 

What Exactly Is Pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi is a small device that allows you to access the internet on a number of devices safely and efficiently. Being that it’s small and doesn’t require an outlet, you can take it with you on the go.

Having this type of internet is ideal when traveling across Japan, as you can use it to look up directions, use a translator application, find nearby tourist attractions or eateries, and so much more.

It’ll also help you access fast and reliable internet easily in case you need it for work or to Skype with your loved ones back home

Where To Get Your Pocket WiFi

Before you make your way to Japan, you can fill out an application online to reserve a device. Once you arrive at the airport, you will be able to pick up your device. You can also sometimes have it delivered to your hotel. 

The device is a portable router that is small enough to fit in a pocket or your bag. It will come with a password, so you’re the only one who can access that particular internet source. 

How To Choose Internet To Go

There are seven major companies that are known in Japan for offering these unique portable internet devices. The one you choose will be based on what factors and features you are looking for in terms of internet access. 

You can shop around for pocket WiFi based on the internet speed you need, how long the battery lasts, how much data you will need to use, and where you would like to pick up the device and return it. 

As to be expected, each company has different rates for how much their portable WiFi devices will cost you to rent.

Additionally, some of them will let you rent their devices in a pinch, up to 24 hours before you need it, and will be able to get the device to you at your hotel if that’s more convenient for you. 

Why Pocket WiFi Is Better Than Other Internet Options

You can access the internet on multiple devices using a portable WiFi rental device. This is ideal for those who may want to have internet access while walking around with their phone but might also want usage for their laptop at their hotel where free wifi might be a security issue.

You can get it all from one outlet without having to pay for multiple sources of internet. 

You are also able to rent SIM cards in Japan that will let you access the internet as well as use your cell phone, but these only work for your cell phone.

If you need the internet on any other device, you will have to find an alternative source. These SIM cards are also sometimes more expensive than pocket WiFi. 

Popular Pocket WiFi Rental Companies

Japan Wireless is probably the most well-known pocket WiFi rental service available in Japan. If you were to ask around Japan what company you should choose, many would recommend this one. Their customer service is friendly and helpful, while the quality of internet you can access is some of the best you could ask for. 

Portable Wifi Japan Via Japan Wireless

Pupuru WiFi is another Japanese company that will let you rent pocket WiFi, but you need to make sure you rent your device a few days before you need it.

Pupura WIFI Official Website

Additionally, their internet is of supreme quality, and their rates are affordable for rentals as well. 

eConnect is another internet device rental company that will give you some of the best internet speeds on the go.

eConnect Official Website

If you need to be completing projects or accessing certain types of media that can lag with slow internet, their pocket WiFi devices may just be perfect for your needs while exploring Japan. 

Where To Return Your Pocket WiFi

Returning your pocket WiFi device is very easy. You can usually bring it back with you to the airport when you’re returning home and return it at a kiosk or shop there. 

However, if you aren’t going to be heading to the airport by the time you have to return your portable router, there’s no need to worry. They can be packaged up and brought to any post office or post office box to be returned. 

The Costs Of Pocket WiFi 

How much you pay for this convenient service will depend on which company you rent from. Of course, it’ll also depends on how long you want to rent it for. 

Give or take, you’re looking at between 200 to 1000 yen per day for most pocket WiFi rentals. In American dollars, that’s around $2-$9 per day. Thus, it’s fairly affordable, especially considering how paying for WiFi that may not be as secure in an internet cafe and could be more costly in the long run.

Even if you were to find free WiFi somewhere, you don’t know how secure that network is. 

Tips For Renting Pocket WiFi

If you have the option to get an extra battery with your pocket WiFi device, be sure to spring for it.

It could cost you a little bit of extra money, but it’ll help you in a pinch when the Wifi router’s battery runs out and you still need internet access. 

You should also be aware that there is insurance available for purchase to cover you if your pocket WiFi device breaks or gets damaged during use. Accidents definitely happen, so it’s worth spending the extra money to avoid having to shell out a lot more if you accidentally damage your portable router.

Portable WIFI Via Tokyo Lens

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