Exploring Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo is an amazing city that holds many treasures, wonders, and interesting things to do. While the Japanese are very attached to the traditions from their history and culture, they also like to add new and modern attractions into the mix. Tokyo DisneySea is one such place that’s an amazing visit in its own right.

Tokyo DisneySea (東京ディズニーシー, Tōkyō DizunīShī) is a fantasy theme park within Tokyo’s Disney Resort. It’s actually located just outside Tokyo, taking up 176 acres of land in Urayasu of Chiba Prefecture. While Disney is a brand with worldwide acclaim, this particular park is unique to Japan.

About Tokyo DisneySea

It’s suitable for any age with a particular appeal to more mature audiences and is geared toward families. They have plentitudes of restaurants, shops, and beautiful views that emulate and promote world cultures to tourists.

The Oriental Land Company currently owns the park and purchases licensing rights from The Walt Disney Company to use their characters, logos, and other themes.

4th Most Visited Park in the World

It first opened on September 4th, 2001 and its construction cost 335 billion yen (or almost 3 billion USD). Since its inception, DisneySea has had over 13 million visitors per year for the last 11 years and has become the 4th most visited park in the world.

In 2018 alone, the park generated almost 15 million visitors visiting the large theme park.

Entrance to DisneySea


The stellar attractions at DisneySea are what compels such a huge visitor turnout. These comprise seven ports of call, inspired by myths and legends of the sea from all over the globe.

They capture the imagination with a touch of Japanese flavor.

Mediterranean Harbor

Styled after the watery streets of Venice, Italy, the Mediterranean Harbor has a place where visitors can board and ride a Venetian Gondola. This port-of-call has many shops and classic restaurants. There’s also a hotel that’s a full-scale reproduction of Portofino and makes up the southern border of the park.

Mediterranean Harbor at Disneysea

Its entrance is in a large “V” shape rather than a straight street. This leads to a hub that has left and right paths. The right side leads to Mysterious Island and the left goes to the American Waterfront. The view of this from the hotel comes complete with balconies and terraces, adding authentic kinetic energy to the place.

Mediterranean Harbor European styled buildings

This gives the effect of a traditional Italian villa. There are large fountains and boat shows daily in this harbor along with other waterfront features.

Mysterious Island

Reminiscent of Jules Verne’s “A Thousand Leagues under the Sea” and other sci-fi writings, Mysterious Island has a volcano at the heart of the attraction. This is the smallest port-of-call in the whole park with a look and feel from the Victorian Era.

Disnseysea volcano

This volcano sits in Mount Prometheus, mentioned several times in Verne’s series “Vulcania.” Despite its name, this is not an island, rather it sits at the side of Mount Prometheus. 

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a thrill ride at Mysterious Island and the giant volcano at Tokyo DisneySea

There’s a ride at Mount Prometheus that’s similar to Epcot’s Test Track. But there are also other rides like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” or Captain Nemo’s submarine in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

Mermaid Lagoon

Central to Mermaid Lagoon is the story of The Little Mermaid. The façade looks like King Triton’s palace, complete with seashell architecture.

Mermaid Lagoon At Disenysea

It’s mostly indoors and lit up with dim, cool illumination to recreate the sensation of being under the sea. There’s a bunch of attractions to see and do, particularly for children:

  • Flight Fish Coaster
  • Scuttle’s Scooters
  • Jumpin’ Jellyfish
  • Blowfish Balloon Race
  • The Whirlpool
  • Ariel’s Playground

But the biggest and best family-friendly feature is King Triton’s Concert, where they have musical shows, live acting, large-scale puppets, and animatronics. All this recreates Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid.

Arabian Coast

Based on the story of Disney’s telling of 1001 Arabian Nights featuring Aladdin, this harbor in the park hosts five attractions.

There’s Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, a dark boat ride, or Caravan Carousel which is a double-decker carousel that can hold 190 passengers. There’s also Jasmine’s Flying Carpets and the Magic Lamp Theater.

Disneysea Arabian Coast Attraction

Lost River Delta

Modeled after the Indiana Jones adventure series, Lost River Delta contains an ancient pyramid set in Central America.

There’s a Raging Spirits Roller Coaster and another ride that takes you into the depths of the temple ruins. This port offers an important stop that lets visitors travel around between various areas via the Transit Steamers.

Lost River Delta area in Tokyo Disneysea

Port Discovery

The Port Discovery attraction at DisneySea is an amalgamation of the other ports in the park while boasting to be the marina of the future.

You can go on a simulation ride to explore marine life and test the experimental, self-guided watercraft that travels between fountains, whirlpools, and rocks.

Port Discovery at Tokyo DisneySea is themed as the marina of the future

American Waterfront

This quintessential North American zone harkens to the 20th-century harbor towns found across New England and Cape Cod in the United States.

Not only is it the center for the Tower of Terror ride, but there’s also an elevated train, a playhouse, and American-style shops and restaurants. Aboard the S.S. Columbia steam liner, there’s an additional lounge and restaurant.

Disneysea American harbor’s SS Columbia

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Disneysea Official Website

Although not necessarily a traditional Japanese experience, the DisneySea just outside of Tokyo is an attraction that’s fun for the whole family.

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You can take a worldwide fantasy trip without leaving Japan. With seven different sections, specially styled to different areas of the world, there’s something for anyone.

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