Do You Need Travel Insurance While Visiting Japan?

Before visiting Japan, it is strongly advised that you get travel insurance. Make sure your insurance covers not only medical expenses but lost luggage, canceled hotels, aircraft tickets, and damaged or stolen equipment. By purchasing a plan that covers all of your bases, you can be rest assured that your whole trip to Japan will be covered no matter what may occur.

Continue reading to discover why you should purchase travel insurance before traveling to Japan, how much it can cost, and the type of coverage you should seek.

Do You Need Travel Insurance While Visiting Japan?

With exceptionally low recorded crime rates, Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world. While you may not have to be concerned about your belongings being taken, there are other factors to consider, such as becoming sick while traveling.

Typhoons, for example, are common in Japan. The typhoon season usually lasts from late July to early October. However, this intense weather season has started earlier and ended later in recent years.

A significant typhoon can cause airline cancellations, lengthy delays, or the cancellation of vacations and tours. There are also earthquakes and other issues to be concerned about.

By purchasing travel insurance, you cover yourself if you get sick and save yourself from endless costs and fees if your trip does not go the way you planned.

Would It be Expensive if I Got Sick and Didn’t have Travel Insurance in Japan?

While obtaining an essential basic prescription for medicine is often inexpensive in Japan, more significant medical issues such as hospitalization or transportation back home might easily cost thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance may provide you with some peace of mind, which most travel experts suggest.

How Much Does Travel Insurance to Japan Cost?

The cost of Japan travel insurance, like selecting the proper plan for you, will be unique to each customer’s circumstances.

The cost of the insurance is influenced by age, the number of travelers, your trip’s length, health history, and kind of coverage, among other considerations.

Some passengers, for example, may want to insure the expense of their vacation. When receiving an estimate, it’s crucial to understand the difference between total trip cost and insurable trip cost.

The provider also determines the cost, as each has its own set of coverage options.

What Do I Need to Cover in My Travel Insurance When Visiting Japan?

In the Event you Get Sick

One should always purchase travel insurance in traveling internationally. This insurance will cover medical expenses if you become sick or have an accident while in Japan.

This isn’t because medical treatment in Japan is too expensive. Medical care in Japan is, in fact, a bargain when compared to medical prices in the United States.

In general, it costs about the same in the United States as it would in Canada or Australia if you paid full price in any of those nations.

However, suppose you require urgent medical attention, long-term hospitalization, or surgery. In that case, the expenses may rapidly mount, and having decent travel insurance coverage can help you save a lot of money.

Ambulance transportation, in and outpatient care, hospitalization, and, if required, evacuation back to your home country should all be covered by your insurance policy.

Pandemic Coverage

Many passengers are naturally concerned about their impending travel plans regarding epidemics.

You might be wondering if your insurance covers pandemic-related cancellations. In a nutshell, it depends on your insurance carrier. There are several foreign travel warnings in effect, which may influence coverage. Always double-check with your travel insurance provider and thoroughly study the fine print and specific terms. 

For example, all foreign Japan Airlines customers are entitled to special pandemic coverage until further notice, which provides assistance if you test positive.

Delayed or Cancelled Flights

When traveling internationally, delayed or canceled flights may be frustrating as well as costly. If your trip to or from Japan is delayed or canceled, having flight insurance allows you to adjust your plans and get where you need to go.

Most airlines provide travel insurance options that you may select when booking your tickets. Make sure to include this travel insurance since if you don’t, you may be forced to pay the whole price of a new ticket.

Emergency or Evacuation Coverage

Japan is well-known for its extended typhoon season, as well as being the location of multiple earthquakes and tsunamis.

By ensuring your trip is covered in the event of a typhoon, tsunami, or earthquake, you can either get a full refund on your journey and potentially return when the devastation has passed or travel to a different location to spend your vacation

Lost or Stolen Luggage

Almost all airlines will compensate you for lost, delayed, or canceled luggage. To be sure that you are covered through your airline, read the terms and conditions on your ticket carefully.

You generally don’t need to double-insure yourself on this, as most travel insurance packages include it as part of the package.

As you might expect, theft is quite rare in Japan, although it does occur. However, like with everything else, goods can be easily misplaced or destroyed. Lost or stolen property coverage is especially critical if you’re traveling with pricey equipment such as computers or cameras.

Coverage for Dangerous Activities

If you plan to participate in sports like skiing, mountain climbing, motorcycle riding, rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking, or other similar activities in Japan, ensure the insurance plan you purchase does not limit coverage for accidents that occur while doing so.

Why is it Necessary to Provide Proof of Insurance in Japan?

The most important reason for you to carry valid travel insurance while traveling in Japan is to provide evidence of insurance to individuals at a clinic or hospital where you intend to receive treatment. 

Japan’s national health insurance system covers practically all of its citizens. However, it is wary of treating foreign patients who aren’t covered by it.

Unfortunately, there have been rare cases where clinics and hospitals have turned away foreign patients needing care, including those with life-threatening diseases.

Having evidence of insurance is frequently enough to overcome a clinic’s or hospital’s reluctance to provide care.

What Are Some of the Best Travel Insurance Plans While Visiting Japan?


Travelex has been in business for a long time and is a popular option among North Americans.

They have a solid reputation and reasonable starting prices. However, depending on your demands, their medical expenditure coverage for US people may be inadequate.

Travelex Official Website


For travelers under the age of 40, SafetyWing offers travel medical insurance at a reasonable price, starting at around $50 for four weeks.

Their plan is unique because it can be renewed indefinitely, making it an appealing option for long-term travelers and digital nomads.

SafetyWing launched its travel medical insurance a few years ago, and they’ve lately expanded their health insurance offerings for individuals who don’t have a stable address in one country.

Even if you’ve already departed, you may start your SafetyWing travel medical insurance coverage at any time. Aside from emergency medical coverage, their policy also includes trip disruption, personal liability, and lost luggage coverage.

SafetyWing has covered COVID-19 from 2020, and unexpected quarantine has been covered since April 15, 2021.

Safetywing Official Website

FWD Travel Insurance

You should consider looking into FWD’s travel insurance if you’re from Southeast Asia. FWD is a relatively new insurer. They are growing throughout Asia and appear to provide some of the most affordable policies one can find online, with a single trip to Japan insurance beginning at under $25.

Their plan checks all of the standard travel insurance boxes, including unlimited medical evacuation coverage.

FWD Travel Insurance Official Website

Atlas International

Atlas International is available to inhabitants of most nations and costs around $20 for a two-week trip to Japan.

You may play about with the sliders to lower the rate by adding a deductible or increasing the coverage if you’re willing to spend a little more.

Atlas International Official Website

World Nomads

World Nomads has been the go-to travel insurance provider for backpackers, adventurers, and digital nomads for years.

It is important to note that most traditional travel insurance policies don’t cover travel accidents or hospitalization resulting from more strenuous, dangerous activities like skiing or scuba-diving.

On the other hand, World Nomads covers over 200 adventure activities, including ice climbing and heli-skiing.

World Nomads Official Website

They also provide the standard travel insurance benefits, such as trip cancellation and gear protection. A one-week trip to Japan can cost as little as $89, depending on your age and where you live.

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