Camping Near Mount Fuji An Outdoor Exploration Guide

As one of the most beloved sights in Japan, camping near Mount Fuji is a must for any outdoor nature lover. Depending on the experience you want to have, you can choose from various fun locations and camping styles, all with the incredible view of Mount Fuji in the distance.

Campgrounds near Mount Fuji offer various accommodations like yurts, American-style recreational vehicles (Although more compact), tents, cabins, and more. The privacy, noise level, and environment of each site vary based on the campground.

Camping near Mount Fuji is the only real way to capture the view of Japan’s most cherished natural landmark. 

Tent and RV Camping Near Mount Fuji

There are many wonderful campgrounds near Mount Fuji. Camping near Mount Fuji is a pleasant experience that lets you celebrate the natural beauty of Japan. You can also have a great deal of fun and bond closely with the people you share your camping experience with. 

Every campground has its benefits, with unique additions like on-site water equipment rentals or free BBQ pits to make visitors feel at home. Plus, most public campgrounds near Mount Fuji provide electricity for recreational vehicles and tents. 

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Public campgrounds also provide visitors with free public restrooms. These make accommodating lengthy stays easier.

Koan Camping Grounds Lake Motosuko

Koan Camping Grounds is an isolated camping ground located on the shores of Lake Motosuko. This reservation-free camping ground is open year-round. You may bring a tent, car, or recreational vehicle to camp.

The reservation-free site is great for campers who love water sports. Among others, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and windsurfing are examples of water sports people partake in on Lake Motosuko.

The back of the 1000 yen has a perfect view of Lake Motosu, captured from the shores of the Koan Camping Grounds. 

Koan Camping Grounds And Lake Motosuko Official Website

Lake Tanukiko Camping Ground in Fujinomiya

Lake Tanukiko Camping Ground is a campground surrounding Lake Tanukiko, with plenty of tent sites for camping. This campground has many viewing platforms so patrons can get a clear view of Japan’s esteemed Mount Fuji.

Most of the campsites surround the lake, with some surrounding the exterior.

Lake Tanuki Official Website

Lake Tanuki Campground

There are many entertainment options at the Lake Tanukiko campsites, such as the popular biking trails surrounding the lake and the many fishing piers. As a catch and release pond, this lake is enjoyable to fish as a family or alone.

Diamond Fuji

For one week in April and August, a reflection of Mount Fuji is visible in the water of Lake Tanukiko.

People call this enchanting view the Diamond Fuji Viewpoint because of the glistening diamond shape it forms with the mountain. During this time, Lake Tanukiko Camping Ground is a popular tourist destination.

In addition to the main park, there is also a second part of the camping park. The second side of the park is an extended portion of the Lake Tanukiko campground called the south campsite. Several other tent locations, public restrooms, piers, a cookhouse, several hundred parking spaces are located on the south campsite property. 

From the south campsite, you can see a clear view of both Nakano Island and Mount Fuji. There are many viewing platforms to get a clearer view or photographs of Mount Fuji and other scenic terrains.

Saiko Camp Village GNOME Hamayou Resort

Saiko Camp Village Gnome Via Tripadvisor

The Hamayou Resort at Saiko Camp Village is the perfect place for any outdoor lover.  You can find this delightful slice of nature in Fujikawagushiko, Japan, on the shores of Saiko Lake. 

The shores of Lake Saiko are perfect for people who love water sports like paddleboarding, yoga, and swimming. Patrons of Saiko Camp Village have an impressive view of Mount Fuji. 

Hamayou Resort Official Website

Patrons may camp in tents at Hamayou Resort or stay in one of the many houses or huts. The prices for each campsite range for each building, based on the size of the building and exclusivity. If you prefer a more private villa, you can purchase a luxury rental option that is more exclusive, with a better view.

The Saiko Camp Village also has several free or paid facilities, including a large gymnasium and BBQ house. On rainy days, this makes camping at Hamayou Resort even more enjoyable.

Saiko Jiyu Camping Ground

Saiko Jiyuu Camping Ground is a popular campground near the base of Mount Fuji. The Saiko Jiyuu campground is the oldest automobile campsite, referred to as Saiko Freedom Campsite. 

Patrons of Saiko Jiyuu Camping Ground can pitch tents on the shore of Lake Sai in one of the dozens of camping spaces. You can rent tents from the administrative building. You may also rent a bungalow located in only one section of the campground. 

Lake Saiko

Saiko Jiyuu Official Website

The on-site administrative building provides visitors with all information and necessary items during their stays, like food, condiments, and basic sanitary items. Saiko Jiyuu campground also has a shared western-style kitchen and toilet. 

Patrons recognize this campground as one of the most respected and quietest campgrounds in Saiko. It is secluded from society along the shore of Lake Sai, with several distinguished campsites available for automobiles. 

Cabin, Yurt, and Resort Camping Near Mount Fuji

There are many structural camping properties near Mount Fuji. Resort camping properties near Mount Fuji are solid structures, which let visitors experience camping in luxury.

These luxurious camping experiences include air-conditioned buildings, stationary recreational vehicles, outdoor camping domes, and much more. 

Mount Fuji Cabin Rentals Via Airbnb

The unique resorts surrounding Mount Fuji include many interactive resorts, which allow people to partake in activities while enjoying nature.

Luxury camping experiences are common near Mount Fuji, which makes experiencing nature even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Workshop Camp Resort

The peaceful Workshop Camp Resort is a delightful, private camping resort that is great for a luxurious camping experience. At Workshop Camp-Resort at Lake Kawaguchi, visitors can rent air-conditioned camping villas with private bathrooms and showers.

Workshop Camp Resort is a spacious spot for couples and families. The family-friendly atmosphere is great for all ages and spacious enough for a quiet weekend away.

Lake Kawaguchi Via Tripadvisor

The proximity to Lake Kawaguchi is perfect for water sports. There are also many on-site activities like a unique fishing spot for people to partake in the fish and release style of angling. 

PICA Fuji Saiko Lake

The Fuji Saiko PICA campground is a modern resort made so nature lovers can enjoy the outdoors, with the luxury of keeping their sleeping arrangements indoors. 

This modern resort is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. The proximity to Saiko Lake, one of Fuji’s Five Lakes, makes it easy to enjoy water sports.

PICA Resort Official Website

Campers can rent cottages in several sizes, housing up to eight people. PICA Fuji Saiko Lake also offers American-made slide-out trailers, all equipped with spacious showers and additional storage. Yurts are available, with a capacity of up to six people. 

PICA Fuji Saiko Lake Rentals

The campsite offers regular daily activities like canoeing and several other programs. Partaking in these daily activities costs a small amount. 

Kawaguchiko Craft Park

Kawaguchiko Craft Park is an interactive and relaxing camping resort on the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko. Several dense acres of woods surround Kawaguchiko Craft Park, which keeps it hidden from the rest of the world.

There Mount Fuji is clear from every camping space, making it a great place to enjoy one of Japan’s most beautiful views. 

It is called a Craft Park because of the many activities visitors can participate in. Park visitors can partake in dozens of crafting activities on the campgrounds for an additional cost. These crafting activities include making snowglobes, crafting stained glass jellyfish, and much more.

Kawaguchiko Craft Park Official Website

Kawaguchiko park visitors can also engage in play activities, like barbecue or ninja food. This cozy crafting campsite in Fujikawaguchiko, Japan, also offers a free public shower and footbath for visitors.

Mount Shakushi Gateway Camp

Mount Shakushi Gateway Camp is a perfect slice of nature located in the lush hills of Mount Shakushi. The mixture of mountainous terrain and indoor luxury makes Mt. Shakushi Gateway Camp one of the most luxurious camping resorts near Mount Fuji.

Mount Shakushi Website Via Alltrails

Visitors of the campground get to enjoy private, secluded camping in small domes. These domes give each patron the perfect view of Mount Fuji in the distance. This means you may wake up and fall asleep with a view of Japan’s most cherished landmark. 

All patrons may use the public bathroom and spa baths to relax. In addition to the cozy cots, private balconies, and beautiful views, this makes it a refreshing and beautiful experience.

Thoughts On Exploring Fuji’s Great Outdoor Region

Everyone should experience the scenic natural views of Japan by visiting one of the many campgrounds. Whether you want to camp alone or take a weekend trip with your family, there is a campground for everyone.

The beautiful view of Mount Fuji and the many wonderful camping grounds will create memories that last for a lifetime. Most campsites offer year-round camping with gorgeous views of Mount Fuji.

Additional paid experiences can increase the festivities and make your camping experience truly marvelous.

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Mount Fuji is Japan’s is a true icon of Japan. There are many campgrounds along the lakes of the Fuji Five Lakes, which make enjoying the scenic view even better. You can camp along these shores, enjoy the waters, and view one of Japan’s most beautiful natural landmarks.

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