12 Of Japan’s Most Beautiful Flower Gardens In Spring

Springtime In Japan 

Spring is a heavenly season to spend in Japan. The famous sakura trees, also known as cherry blossoms, will sprout flowers during that time.

While the sakura season is fleeting, there are a plethora of other plants and flowers that you can enjoy from the beginning to the end of spring in Japan

Gardening is more than just a hobby in Japan; it’s a tradition. Keeping green spaces adorned with beautiful flowers that are maintained is important in Japanese culture.

There are quite a few parks with flower gardens, as well as other sights in Japan that are home to some of the most pristine gardens you’ll ever see. 

Hitachi Seaside Park 

Hitachi Seaside Park is blanketed in striking blue nemophila flowers in Spring, often referred to as baby blue eyes.

It’s a must-see park when in Ibaraki Prefecture, especially if you’re visiting between the middle of April to the middle of May. No matter what season, the gardens are maintained with the utmost care. 

There are also lush gardens of other seasonal flowers that bloom in the spring, creating a colorful, sweet-smelling area to stroll through.

Hitachi Seaside Park Via Tripadvisor

You’ll find colorful tulips, narcissus, and rapeseeds, as well as chrysanthemums and cornflowers. Outside of spring, flowers of other seasons will also blossom within the park. 

The Pleasure Garden is also nearby, where you can find the famous Ferris wheel, among other rides that offer spectacular views of the nearby Pacific Ocean. 

Ashikaga Flower Park 

Strolling through the fields in Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture, there’s always something new, with eight different areas dedicated to different floral arrangements.

One of the highlights is the beguiling, color-changing wisteria trees that cascade down behind beds of a vast array of flowers. At night, the wisteria is sometimes lit up, creating one of the most memorable and romantic scenes. 

Ashikaga Flower Park Via Tripadvisor

You’ll also find cherry blossom trees, green trees, and your favorite spring flowers like tulips and poppies. In the middle of March, the park hosts a very memorable Spring Flower Festival.

After walking around admiring all the flowers, there’s also a restaurant where you can enjoy beautiful and delicious Japanese meals

Yoyogi Park 

Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park is not only known for its alluring flower garden, but the park features quite a few other sights worth stopping at.

You can easily spend a day exploring Yoyogi Park, including the famous cherry blossom trees, the forested areas, roses, and more. 

Yoyogi Park Aerial View

When cherry blossoms bloom, you’ll find many people having hanami picnics underneath the trees.

Yoyogi Park Via Tripadvisor

You’ll hardly believe that the area used to be grounds for army drills and airplanes when you gaze upon all of the natural beauty. 

Yoyogi Park is also home to flowing white water fountains, a cute bird sanctuary, a cycling trail, and an observation deck. It’s a popular park for tourists and locals, and you can easily get lost in all the fun things to do here.

Many festivals are held within the park throughout the year, usually on the weekends. 

Hitsujiyama Park 

It’s hard to describe just how incredible the floral arrangements are within Hitsujiyama Park. The shibazakura flowers that have been planted here were done strategically and artistic, making various designs within the lawns they are planted in.

The shibazakura flowers are also known as moss phlox flowers, which come in vibrant pinks and purples. 

A festival is held every year in the park from the middle of April to the beginning of May to celebrate these beautiful flowers, where you can enjoy some delicious Japanese food after strolling through the park.

Hitsujiyama Park Via Tripadvisor

You can easily make your way through the park while maintaining the integrity of the beautifully designed flowers on a paved trail. 

Nabana No Sato 

The Nabana No Sato flower garden is just one of many attractions in the Nagashima Resort in Mie Prefecture. There is an amusement park and outlet mall in the resort, for example, making it a great place to spend a few days. 

Between October and the middle of March, the flower garden is completely illuminated at night, with thousands of sparkling lights creating a romantic tunnel to walk through.

Illumination At Nabana No Sato

During the day, you’ll get a better look at all the springtime flowers in perfect bloom. 

In spring, you’ll be able to find cherry blossom and plum trees in their glory, as well as a bundle of spring flowers.

Nabana No Sato Via Tripadvisor

Some of the flowers you’ll stumble upon include nemophila and tulips. You’ll also want to stop at the Begolia Cafe, which combines beautiful flowers and delicious tea and treats. 

Farm Tomita 

The name shouldn’t fool you; Hokkaido’s Farm Tomita is a plush flower park that will take your breath away.

It’s also home to the largest lavender field in Japan, filling the air with a calming aroma as you approach the sea of purple. 

You will also see flowers such as poppies and violas blooming in the spring, as well as plenty of other flowers as the season’s change.

Farm Tomita Via Tripadvisor

Different areas around the farm have beds of various flowers, making it a lovely place to go for a nature-filled walk. If you work up an appetite, there are a few snack shops on the farm. 

Hamamatsu Flower Park 

Spring flowers have been meticulously and artistically arranged within Hamamatsu Flower Park, which can be found alongside Lake Hamama in Shizuoka.

The flower park is home to flowers such as azaleas, tulips, hydrangeas, and roses, with other greenery and floral arrangements throughout. There are a total of 3000 types of flowers planted in the park that bloom in different seasons. 

Hamamatsu Flower Park Via Tripadvisor

You can ride on the Flower Train, a locomotive that will take you throughout the park, so you don’t miss seeing any natural beauty. The park also features a greenhouse where you can view rare plants grown within the structure. 

Atami Plum Garden 

The Atami Plum Garden in Shizuoka is not a garden of plums; there is a mixture of trees and flowers in this magnificent garden.

Apricot trees are one of the stars of this garden, boasting pretty red and white flowers. 

Atami Plum Garden Via Tripadvisor

Hibiya Park 

Hibiya Park is unique compared to many other parks in Japan, being that Western park styles inspired it. Some flowers and trees boast beautiful colors all year long all around the park.

A major fountain that is animated to move in different directions is one of the stand-out pieces of Hibiya. 

Hibiya Park Via Tripadvisor

The park is a nice change of pace for the business people working just a short distance from the park, but many tourists are drawn to the area as well. 

Awaji Hanasajiki 

This flower garden is a little more hidden on the Awaji Island of Hyogo Prefecture. It’s growing as a destination worth traveling to in Japan, given the impressive array of spring flowers.

The rapeseed flowers on the hillside of this garden are especially exhilarating, contrasting against the sparkling blue water of the Akashi Strait and Osaka Bay. 

Awaji Hanasajiki Via Tripadvisor

Other flowers that blossom on Awaji Island include roses, tulips, and canola. Other seasons also boast a variety of flowers, making it a stunning place to visit any time of the year. There are also cherry blossom trees on the island in various places. 

Showa Memorial Park 

The Showa Memorial Park, also known as Showa Kinen, doesn’t just offer beautiful flowers throughout the year but offers plenty of fun things and events occasionally.

The park is considered a national park, and multiple colorful flowers are sprinkled throughout the large area, including tulips and nemophilas, for example. 

Showa Memoria Park Via Tripadvisor

Within the park, you will also be able to see a garden designed in traditional Japanese style, a bonsai garden, and you can even find some restaurants to fuel up before you continue exploring the expansive area. 

Mount Ikoma Narukawa Azalea Garden 

This beautiful garden in Osaka is a hidden gem that doesn’t tend to get very busy. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be; the azaleas sprinkled along the plush greenery in the park are truly a sight to behold. 

You will have to do a bit of a hike through the national park, known as Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park, to find the azalea garden within the mountains.

Mount Ikoma Via Tripadvisor

Once you reach the garden, you’ll be blown away by just how massive the azalea bushes are and how neatly manicured they are. Lush trees and more greenery surround the bushes.

My fascination with Japan began several years back at a roadside bonsai stand while on vacation. I became more interested in the where and why's more than the trees themselves. My love of Bonsai led me to further research my interest in the gardens where they originated from and the places and people that surrounded those little trees. My curiosity was well rewarded upon visiting Saitama where the National Bonsai Museum was located and Omiya Village the bonsai mecca for lovers of this ancient art form. Exploring many towns and villages and even making my way to Japan's furthest southern prefecture of Okinawa. I hope to share my love of this wonderful and exotic place with all those who want to know more about Japan.