10 Best Children’s Attractions In Tokyo

Out of all the destinations in Japan, Tokyo is the most family-friendly by far. With all of the amazing destinations and activities geared towards children, families can keep busy for weeks on end. 

While Tokyo might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of a vacation destination to embark upon with kids in tow, it is surprisingly perfect for the whole family. 

Our Top 10 Quick Bullet List For Kid Friendly Fun In Tokyo:

  • Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea
  • National Museum Of Nature And Science
  • Ueno Zoo
  • National Museum Of Emerging Science And Innovation
  • Ghibli Museum
  • KidZania
  • Drum Museum
  • Tokyo Sea Life Park
  • Tokyo Dome City Amusment Park
  • Kite Museum

With full-day trips, as well as half-day adventures to some of these world-famous attractions, kids are sure to stay happy and engaged for the duration of your Tokyo trip. From amusement parks to educational exhibits, there is something to meet the needs of every family in Tokyo.

Tokyo Disney Sea Theme Park

Regardless of whether you’re interested in a day of play, natural science, tech, or even the art of kite making. Tokyo has just the thing. Just keep in mind that many of these attractions are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays in Tokyo, and things book up so definitely make reservations well in advance. 

If you’re looking for ways to keep children entertained while you travel through Tokyo then this resource is just for you. Read on for Tokyo’s Top 10 kid-friendly attractions.

Tokyo Disneyland 

Tokyo Disneyland rivals the original park in the USA as far as kid-friendly fun. It’s open year-round and stays very busy on weekends. If you can, plan a visit for a weekday to avoid the long lines.

Tokyo Disneyland

It gives you the quintessential Disney experience with characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse making regular appearances throughout the park. It inspires that feeling of classic Disney Magic that will have the entire family feeling nostalgic. 

Tokyo DisneySea is the sister park geared towards slightly older kids as well as adults and is a uniquely Tokyo experience. There is no other location quite like it in the world. 

Disney Sea Resort Tokyo

It’s full of exciting rides and other thrilling activities for all ages. You can purchase packages for both parks for two separate Disney experiences.

Tokyo Disneysea Official Website

You will definitely want to spend a full day at each park to see everything they have to offer. 

Disneyland Tokyo Official Website

National Museum of Nature and Science 

This museum offers hands-on fun for all ages. One of the best science museums in Japan, if not the world, every single floor offers kid-friendly exhibits that are experiential and educational. 

It features fossilized dinosaurs, botanical gardens, and exhibits how the Japanese people have interacted with nature throughout the centuries. 

The National Museum of Nature and Science 

One special exhibit shows a large-scale digital display of the earth in which fluctuations are shown in real-time. There are many interactive elements in which kids can experience light and magnetism.    

In addition to the natural exhibits, there are also a variety of technology-based presentations showcasing Japanese inventions in the modern era

Animal Species Display National Museum of Nature and Science 

It also has an incredible theater in which viewers stand on a bridge surrounded on all sides by a seamless sphere of video and sound. This creates a 3D experience unlike any other throughout Japan or even the world. 

If you’re looking for a fun-filled day that entertains your kids, while also stimulating their intellect and imagination – this is the place. The interactive attractions will have kids longing to learn more about science and the natural world. 

Regardless of your child’s interests this museum has something for every area of scientific study and thought. It’s the perfect place to go to get inspired. 

National Museum Of Nature and Science Official Website

Ueno Zoo

This is a beautiful and relaxing Tokyo zoo that is spacious and well laid out. It has a wide variety of animals including pandas, elephants, and big cats to enchant kids of all ages. If your kids are animal lovers, this is a lovely place to take a stroll for a long afternoon during your trip to Tokyo

Ueno Zoo Entrance Tokyo

While it can be busy on weekends, it is open throughout the week, except for Mondays. In addition to the animals, the park itself is beautiful and is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a nice day of walking around and getting outside. 

Ueno Zoo Official Website

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 

Plan on at least a half-day at this fantastic family-friendly attraction. There are robot demonstrations, and tons of kid-friendly exhibits – all with multi-lingual explanations so that families can completely grasp the amazing research currently happening in Japan. 

Kids can indulge with hands-on experiences with the leading artificial intelligence technology emerging in Japan and will feel like they’re in an episode of a science fiction film. It’s an incomparable Tokyo experience to say the very least. 

Honda’s ASIMO Robot At The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

If your kids are tech-savvy this is a great place for them to experience everything state-of-the-art that is happening in Japan’s technical development field.

It’s a great way to show children that technology extends much further than the newest iPad and ignites a passion for the scientific world. 

National Museum Of Emerging Science Tokyo Official Website

Ghibli Museum 

This museum was designed by the animator Miyazaki Hayao who made famous movies like Ponyo and Spirited Away. It’s a magical place to spend the day and has attractions for adults and kids alike. 

It is a very calming place to spend an afternoon and relax away from the crowds that can occasionally feel overwhelming throughout Tokyo

Ghibli Museum Exterior

The museum is put together as if it were a film, it is a warm and nourishing environment. The website mentions that small children are treated as if they are grown-ups and aims to inspire the imaginations of all visitors. 

Ghibli Museum Tokyo Official Website


One of Tokyo’s best attractions for kids aged 4-12, KidZania allows kids to act out their future dream jobs. It features costumes and uniforms and real-world accessories. 

Everything is ⅔ the size of real-life items and kids can pretend to be anything from engineers to chefs to firefighters. This place books up fast, so make sure to make a reservation well in advance. 

Dressing up and experiencing different careers with real equipment is an educational experience that children are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

A day at KidZania just might have them deciding what they want to be when they grow up. 

KidZania Japan Official Website

Drum Museum 

The drum museum features more than 800 drums collected from all over the globe. The museum discusses the historical and spiritual significance of drums throughout the world and discusses how drums were one of the ways that human beings connected with each other and the spiritual world

Kids will enjoy exploring and even playing drums in this interesting exhibit. For kids who love dancing and music, this is a must-see.

Drum Museum Tokyo Official Website

Tokyo Sea Life Park

For kids who are fascinated by ocean life, there is no better place than the Tokyo Sea Life Park. An amazing aquarium with various species,  this aquarium park also features penguins and Ferris Wheel. 

While entertaining, the main goal of this park is to reproduce aquatic habitats. There is a huge donut-shaped tank where bluefin tuna swim freely. 

It also features many other species like sea birds who thrive in the oceanic environment. 

Tokyo Sea Life Park Official Website

Tokyo Dome City 

For a day of pure excitement for the whole family look no further than Tokyo Dome City. A state-of-the-art amusement park, it offers all kinds of rides as well as an entertainment complex. It is one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions with fun for the whole family. 

It’s a place of pure thrills that will surely have your family laughing and screaming for hours. 

There are rides appropriate for all ages, but keep in mind that younger kids may not be permitted on some rides in the park, like the more intense roller coasters. 

Tokyo Dome City Official Website

Tokyo Dome City Virtual Tour

Kite Museum 

Let’s go fly a kite! Kites are more than fun, in Japan, they are stunning works of art. The Kite Museum is filled with kites from many different parts of Japan and different eras. The oldest kites on display date all the way back to the 1600s. 

Rare kites that are no longer made and can’t be seen anywhere else in the world are located here. Here kids can learn about the art of kite making and kite flying. 

It’s more than just fun and games, kites were an important part of Japanese culture

If your kids feel inspired they can even create a kite of their own. The museum offers building materials like fabric and bamboo as well as cords to make your own. They also sell pre-made kites, so that after the museum you can head to a nearby park and attempt to catch some wind. 

Kite Museum Tokyo Review And Photos Via Tripadvisor

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